What is this Online CCW CERT?

I don’t understand, how online CCW certification is accepted in MN . I found a web page that states , it provides online training, then you schedule a range time , and. that meets the state standards to apply for a CCW ???

It reminds me of when i was a kid in grade school , when the teacher would bring the TV with the seatbelt on it , i could just zone out and as long as we were in attendance. we were good to go . We didn’t learn anything , could not ask the movie questions .

am i wrong here ?


I don’t know about Minnesota’s curriculum but, I did take the Florida eLearning course offered by the USCCA to see if I wanted to use it.

To be honest with you it is extremely well done and I have used it for clients who are moving here and have had a permit in another State. We still spend 2 hours on the range together however, the USCCA Florida Course is very comprehensive.

Using it selectively is recommended. I still prefer to teach the in person courses. In Florida, all Veterans need to do is produce a DD-214 and they are issued a CWL. Let’s not forget that many States are moving to Constitutional carry as well (and I strongly support that).

So, there are several tools available to teach and instruct. And the USCCA e-Learning course is at the top tier in my opinion.

My 2 cents.

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Can you link the webpage here? Seeing it may help us find out if it’s true or if it’s a scam. I know I see a lot of websites that use online CCW courses as a way to trick people into paying them.


Sometimes, I think, the training requirement is put there as a hurdle, something that takes both time and money, so that fewer people go through with getting a permit, and the actual benefits in training and education to the people taking it aren’t actually something the politicians setting it up, are after…

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Each state has different training requirements for a CC license or permit. In Virginia any firearms safety training qualifies, including a DD214 showing honorable discharge, no matter how long ago. There is no live fire requirement. Some years ago Virginia even added online training to satisfy the requirement, but I am not sure if that is still accepted, given the demo-legislature and governor’s gun control agenda a few years ago. Some states require no training at all, just proof of age and no barrier to possessing (like felony conviction).

Concealed Carry Qualification | Begin Here (usconcealedonline.com)
In Washington State we have a “will Issue” state. This means you just apply and get a background check. So. taking a class is not going to get you or help you get a Conceal weapons permit.

well isn’t this just dandy . it’s depressing that instructors can be replaced by a website

Utah is pretty specific about it being in person.



No, under Northam, he signed a law that ended that. Ironically at the time where we were not “allowed” to have in-person classes due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As it should be. The 2A specifically states, as does our Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, “shall not be infringed.”

I do have issues with special classes of citizens. Virginia has that as well. How much does a veteran know about carry laws compared to a regular private citizen? The veteran is not taught state laws, neither is a regular private citizen - unless trained or studies. As we all know CC class certifications are only a beginning - the reason we are all here.

I am all for the, now almost half of the states, states that have Constitutional Carry. Unfortunately, many of those states do not “allow” non-residents the same rights. I suspect that will need to be addressed in another SCOTUS ruling. It has been a long time since the 2A was written, and many “gun control” laws ago. We have a very long road to travel to regain our rights as declared under our Bill of Rights.


Why is that depressing? We should not even need that as the 2A is clear in that our RKBA “shall not be infringed.”


I dont know… myself I like being in a class and acually learning something… seems to me this isn’t good, and these instructors that have a class and pay for all the stuff to have a class legally are getting ripped off, especially, if someone making money just doing this stuff off the internet, and don’t need a classroom and the rest of the materials…i’ll be going back to a classroom when its time to renew…MY OPINION…


thats what I’m saying…sad…

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I do not understand what you mean. It is incumbent upon us to learn. It is not incumbent - by our Constitution (Constitutions, depending on state) - for our state to infringe upon our rights.


In Texas,because of my age i no longer to take the hand gun portion to renew my permit,but I still do my training because if you just do the course and don’t continue training then if you don’t use it you lose it,remember you do have to keep up with your motor memory training!

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The requirement for Oregon CHL training can be met with an online-only class. There is no firearm proficiency requirement of any kind. It isn’t about shooting; it’s about the law.

The nature of the required training is to assure applicants have been exposed to the state’s legal requirements for use of force, and the rights/responsibilities of a concealed carrier. Aside from having educational value to the new shooter, new resident, or new concealed carrier, it deflates most claim to ignorance of the law. You can cheat the test, but completion demonstrates that you had access to the information.

As I recall the class sponsored by the state sheriffs’ association cost $10, a very modest financial hurdle. The cost of the actual license is unfortunately rather more (and was recently increased further by the “gun safety” legislature).


I don’t see it that way honestly. I teach much more than the Concealed Carry Classes. And once Constitutional Carry comes here to Florida, I have a feeling that I am going to get busier, not replaced.

People are going to need to take courses on Florida Law, use of force, etc.

I personally don’t think that there should be a “test” to exercise a right. I do however, feel strongly about education and safety with regard to firearms. And I will still be needed.


It’s depressing because I have poured so much of myself into becoming an Instructor, and now it appears I am no longer needed . Also , I 100% support the 2A , the same way I support responsible gun ownership, through education and interaction with instructors .


There are plenty of instructors out there, and courses, in states that do not mandate in person training in order to be granted permission to exercise the privilege to keep and bear arms


is there such a course for Nevada renewal ???