CCW Permit Course

What is the general feeling of the Virginia CCW Training Program on line and get a permit in 27 minn.

I have no experience with it, but it sounds too good to be true.

Then you would find Al. even harder @OldGnome

15-30 for a 5 year CCHP.

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What is this, please?

Artificial Intelligence.

There is no “feeling”. The fact is that any class/training to obtain a “permit” to exercise a right is unconstitutional. As to whether is equivalent to an in-person class varies on the class, the instructor, and the person receiving said training. However, in less than two weeks it will be a moot point as the Democratic politicians passed a law banning online training effective January 1, 2021.

Now considering the issues with limits on the number of people (currently ten) that can gather, except in restaurants, grocery stores, ABC stores (state-controlled liquor stores), and anywhere else the governor has allowed exemptions from his mandate, finding a place to get the required in-person training will become an issue. That is their actual goal. They do not want armed citizens. They obviously do not have any issue with armed criminals, as they are releasing as many as they can from prison. Oddly, those same criminals are going back to preying upon the innocent people that had resulted in their going to prison to start with.

When the next legislative session begins, they have the same pile of sh-t bills, and a few shovels-full more, seeking to further criminalize firearm owners. Due to the criminalization of public gatherings, if the VCDL goes to lobby at the Capitol on Lobby Day as it had done for many years (I believe about 2 decades now), attendees will be committing criminal acts. They intentionally created these conditions to prevent a similar, or larger, crowd as showed up last year. They pulled number of other shady tricks, too. You can go here, to see some of what is going on concerning Lobby Day 2021 in Virginia.


No experience with it… have had a permit for over 35 years… and never took the course…

BUT after January 2021, no online courses will be allowed… all are to be in classroom.


For Non-Resident Permits:

If you haven’t done so, you will have to complete your online course, request an official application from the state, complete and mailed/post dated prior to January 1, 2021. Good luck!

Abbreviation for Alabama.

I have a permit. Just wondered how legit that program was. Thanks for all responses.

Thanks for the topic, could you provide a link to the on line Training Program you mention? I only have the link to the State Police non resident CCW application and it doesn’t mention the program to which you are referring. TIA

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Be sure to check the latest laws. You can see them on our Reciprocity Map here:

And here’s the VA Nonresident permit website:

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Everyone be advised that the General Assy in Virginia will probably be passing more restrictive gun laws soon. Things will probably change here, and not for the better.

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