Virginia instructors

To any instructors in VA mainly the following areas, have you had issues with Fairfax county mainly not issuing a VHP? Also any instructors in 757/RVA area have you had any issues with any jurisdictions as of yet?

Overall it seems some Clerks read ONLY the lines dealing with the NRA and only via a STATE code try too say that’s the only way outside of Hunters/DD214/DCJS etc etc.

Number 9: Any other firearms training deemed adequate by the courts - which for the record seems too be great for Maryland standards and Wash DC so VA is nowhere near either with restrictions. So what do you all have going on.

*excuse any typos etc.

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Welcome to the family @Kenton2 and god bless you. I’m praying that they start giving the USCCA HD firearms instructor course in the Hampton roads so I can become an instructor.

Literally just had an instructor course in Woodbridge and we had 3 from 757 and 1 from RVA. If we do another 2021 I’ll gladly let you know.

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