Virginia instructors

To any instructors in VA mainly the following areas, have you had issues with Fairfax county mainly not issuing a VHP? Also any instructors in 757/RVA area have you had any issues with any jurisdictions as of yet?

Overall it seems some Clerks read ONLY the lines dealing with the NRA and only via a STATE code try too say that’s the only way outside of Hunters/DD214/DCJS etc etc.

Number 9: Any other firearms training deemed adequate by the courts - which for the record seems too be great for Maryland standards and Wash DC so VA is nowhere near either with restrictions. So what do you all have going on.

*excuse any typos etc.

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Welcome to the family @Kenton2 and god bless you. I’m praying that they start giving the USCCA HD firearms instructor course in the Hampton roads so I can become an instructor.

Literally just had an instructor course in Woodbridge and we had 3 from 757 and 1 from RVA. If we do another 2021 I’ll gladly let you know.

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I realize this is a late reply (just had this thread pop up), but I am USCCA Certified Instructor and I run classes in Northern VA (and anywhere I am requested).

I put the following in, as part of a letter I give to all of my students to hand in with their application… I’ve had no students state they have been turned down

(Name) has successfully completed a Firearms Safety Class and demonstrated competency in accordance with the Code of Virginia § 18.2-308.02 para B. 3, 7, and 9.

If you’d like a copy of the letter I use, just drop me a note.

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Oh for sure I know the code BUT some county’s mainly in NOVA were being really outlandish. It was only Fairfax the HQ of the NRA. Which shockingly they would be the only county to say something, I have taught all over the state and so far they are the worst and won’t read the code. All in all I’m also basic Pistol NRA instructor as well so I was able to easily get it done but the whole situation was uncalled for and not needed.

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At any one time, the Fairfax county clerk’s office has about 75 interns handling CHP applications. That causes more than a few problems.

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For a firearms training course to be accepted by the court (for resident permits) or the Virginia Department of State Police (for nonresident permits), under Virginia Code §§ 18.2-308.02(B)(9) and 18.2-308.06(B)(9) the INSTRUCTOR must petition the court or the Virginia Department of State Police to have the course deemed adequate. The procedure is simple and does not require special forms, a filing fee or an attorney.

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