Applying online for non-resident permit in Virginia

Have any of y’all heard that anybody in any state can apply online for a non-resident concealed permit in Virginia?
I received an email from with a link to that advises anybody in any state can apply for a non-resident permit in the state of Virginia. This permit is then reciprocally legal in 29+ other states. Please advise if you have any knowledge of this method and if you think it is advisable to do so. Thank you!

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You could be correct, I just read through the VA State Police website for a non resident permit and thought it said they don’t accept digital fingerprint cards at this time. That made me request a packet from them. If you are correct it sure would save a lot of trouble.

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@David637 Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you. Good luck in your permit pursuit. I consider the VNR last month but took a class in Florida instead for their NR permit.

Yes Virginia dose issue out of state ccw online with no training needed and dont even have to step foot in the state to obtain it but they are putting a stop to that in the next few weeks

@Shawn31, I noticed an announcement on the page that they were no longer taking certificates for on line training starting Jan. 1st, 2021, but that you can apply with a certificate for an in person class still. Can you explain a little more on what you are talking about if you don’t mind?

So up till this month anyone who wanted a VA carry permit no matter what state you live in could take a online class and submit your application online no in person range like most states require. The anti gun VA government did not like this so they changed it to where now you have to have a so many hours of range time in Va

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Thanks for the clarification. You still don’t have to take a class in the state of Virginia, their list of options for the class include a multitude of classes including NRA classes, security classes, etc. You just have to mail the certificate in with your application packet and payment.

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Hope this helps

Thanks @Shawn31, I appreciate the link. I’ve received my non resident application package and am working through it and getting fingerprints. Besides the in-person training for my state’s CCW, I’ve also taken the NRA’s Defensive Pistol and their CCW and Home Defense class recently so Virginia’s removal of the online class option won’t affect my application. I’m sorry that it affects others that may not have the ability to take an in-person class.