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[Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals ]

(Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals)

Firearm Training

" Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals "

USCCA has a E-Learning online course with Michael Martin as your Instructor.

This posting is being made to give information about some company that is trying to help you get
you a faster and cheaper way to become certified in concealment and carrying legally of a firearm with and on you; A permit that is probably not worth toilet paper. Your permit has responsibilities and LAWS TO FOLLOW every day you have that firearm at home, on person, in the car, and just maybe on your mind every monement of the day.

There is a reliable and honest opinion and a great positive help that has been given to me that a certain company that has been giving information and trying to get people to sign up for a CC Permit, could be for the NON-RESIDENT Permit for the State of Virginia. Get ready to be tested and tried by the State Police of Virginia.

I have taken all the E-Learning, including the WOMEN COURSE, ( I liked it very much ) and set in classrooms for many hours, please, I was told that this OLINE Program is false and they try to give you a BADGE stating your certification and you have been trained, passing the course. This Program is misleading and false from what I have been educate with, I have had a lot of help to learn things the correct way and I have searched high and low. There is a BEST WAY. My instructors told me and
warned me about all this.

Thank You very much for reading this. Your safety is a must and all times.
Please read, ask an instructor, police person, find out the TRUE meaning of laws, ask an attorney, Take courses: USCCA has a E-Learning online course with Michael Martin as your Instructor.

If you have Questions, please do not be afraid to ask them. Something new around every corner you turn.

SAFETY FIRST ! EVERYONE is welcome to be a part.

William H Smith Jr

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