Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

" Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals "

Here is a wonderful subject and a very good book to read. Also, USCCA has a E-Learning online course with Michael Martin as your Instructor.

This posting is being made to interest the newest members to build in their career of buying, handling, and safely conceal and carry their firearm and etc… For the intermediate and masters in this wonderful life style, this Question and Answers Topic can refresh and renew things that may been forgotten. I like to see and read QUESTIONS and ANSWERS from anyone that would LOVE TO BE PART OF and LEARN more.
We can all work together to make our life, home, and family safer.

If you have Questions and do not have the answers, that is why we are all here to help each other.

SAFETY FIRST ! EVERYONE is welcome to be a part.

William H Smith Jr


I’ve been thinking of home defense for a cpl weeks now. Warrior Poet on YouTube has done a 4 part series on this topic. He talks about pre-staging weapons, security systems, having an anti-kick plate you can dyi for your doors and having a code word he can tell his wife. So that when he says it, she knows deification is bout to hit the rotary air enhancement device and not to argue but scoop up the kids and get to the safe room. Also the importance of having an ALL CLEAR password as well.


Its pretty awesome training, thank you for the good review!


Pretty awesome trainings give us pretty awesome Instructors :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I seen that USCCA E-Learning…

I’ve been super busy with my course work in college as well as work in general, but I’m wrapping things up and give it shot!


I know that your very busy by just reading your postings and We are very glad you are part of
the team. We all have our talents and purpose here. I have had a great time to read and study Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. It is a foundation that helps all of us to be safer,
to stay out of trouble with the law, Give us many directions to learn about firearms,
their types and how they work. Learn to use them properly and much more. State, federal laws, and our safety rules. There is much more and this is a step to teach others Thank You very much.

The Book you can pick out of the USCCA Book Store for $35.00, you will have a jump start to read and study that and then take the E-Learning Class. You might want to become a USCCA Instructor with
a 2 day course and testing, a chance to use your talents at the shooting range, and you move forward.


How may I move forward ? I would like to type and send information that is badly needed, but
build interest in others. I know the book, but how much is to much and I do not wish to get in trouble
here. The reviews are yours and my goal is to encourage, help, and show people there are many other training areas through USCCA. SAFETY and Situational Awareness is a must, but there is more to this. I
can not force anything on anyone. I have been re-searching through USCCA, PND, Concealed and Carry,
plus all the e-learning, books, and videos that are available to me. I am not perfect, I have a long way to go.

I have been studying and practicing many fields of being a better steward of my firearm and helping
other people, it bring me great joy and peace. SERVICE IS FREE !


I’ve really wanted to increase my education (Fireams). I’m all about learning something new.

I was just browsing through my profile and seen that link for the e-Learn.
Where can you get the book?

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I really appreciate it!

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MORE! Thank You Have a Great Weekend.




Maybe pick something you learned from the book or class that has changed how or what you do and share that and what you do differently now?


Thank you for your help. I am going to work on just that. About 80 % of the training
has expanded x 4 times, and that is the hardest part; more than that book, everything. It keep
growing. The Laws are easier to understand if I stick with the State of Florida at this time.

I wanted to go to Defensive Shooting, Part 1 and 2, but that is on hold for me know.

Thank you again.


Its pretty awesome training! Go when you can :grin:


Yeah, great idea! :bulb:

I’m going to do it!! I’ll let you, @Zee, and @William_H know when I’m started as well as end.

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Important to always remember when you are to learn how operate, clean, checking a firearm, loading
any firearm, and just looking at it in any state.


( 1. ) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded and always perform a clearance check every.
time you pick one up.

( 2. ) Never point your gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.

( 3. ) Keep your finger OFF the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are on
target and have made the decision to shoot.

( 4.) Always be sure of your target and what’s beyond.

In the world of FIREARMS, you probably find these universal laws be written in different form. The forms that I have read means the same and must be followed at all times. The more you follow these rules to their full meaning, you will see that you move like a habit.

ATUOMATICALLY ? I re-think them and refresh to memory many times, but you will learn them for safety to everyone and you. I enjoy learning them and is a step in growth to my future goals.


I love all that!!

When I was young my grandfather (Opa) who was Vietnam War Vet & retired after twenty-one (21) year’s in the United States Air Force taught me all that at a young age.

I have a lot of firearms knowledge and my goal is to increase and not only pass it down family wise, but through USCCA.

I swear they are like a family to me. I do affiliate as in sell for the USCCA and even though it’s not about the money…most people here oddly want lawshield.

However, my goal one day is to instruct and teach off the fundamentals through no other than, USCCA. Thank you for sharing!

Randall W. Anderson


Thank you ! I know that USCCA will need you to help.


Situational Awareness / Color Codes of Awareness

Nice words to remember and follow their meanings. I love sharing, telling others about these
words and what they mean. Here is a chance for you to tell others about what they mean to

Situational Awareness:

Color Codes of Awareness:





Who is Jeff Cooper ?

What does these CODES mean to you ?