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Every year the wife and I buy something for the house for Christmas. This we decided to get a home security system, 4 cameras with 2T of memory. One will be pointed down the driveway , one at the front door, one at the back door and one at the side yard. Going to have to run a circuit to plug the cameras in. Between my brother and I it won’t be a problem. Since I live in the country, I’ve already built a small pistol range in the back yard. It’s nice to go out and shoot any time you want.


Well done to purchase a Home Security System. Job well done. Merry Christmas to you and your Family

and always stay safe.

William H Smith Jr.


Thanks and a Merry Christmas to as well


Many years ago, I saw a setup by someone which had a TV in every room so they could access their security cameras from any room. For guests, it doubled as entertainment devices. I thought it was a neat idea, although with apps available now a days that bring CCTV footage directly to your smart phone that exact setup might not be necessary.

As a side note, a different person I know had a security camera system installed at his business. Even though they had night capability, the resolution was not good enough to actually identify the perpetrator when his equipment was stolen, even though it took plenty of video of the individual (at night).

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The corresponding alerts that get forwarded from such a system is where the value is. Unfortunately today we have to be concerned about home invaders and not just burglars. If you use a system such as Ring (many good systems with alerts) you can get immediate alerts when a device is triggered. This would allow you to have your weapon in hand long before any person could get in the house. I don’t want my system to simply record a “bad guy” walking out of my home with a TV. In fact I have insurance for that event. I do however want to be aware of when they get within 25 feet of my home so I don’t get any surprise intrusions. That is how I am posturing my home.


My system is 1080 with good NV and sends alerts to my phone plus emails. I’m retired and stay mostly in the back areas of the house. I’m tired of ppl being able to sneak up on me. I will need to get into the habit of carrying my cell phone more often as I hate being leashed. Had to have one for work and got to hating therhi g.

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I can relate to being “chained” to your phone while at home. With Ring I use a “chime” that instantly sounds off if I get a trigger from any device. 25 ft from any part of my home and I get the alert. Does not ring so loud it scares me but grabs my attention so that I can be aware. How each of us deals with being “aware” of someone inside a trip zone is an individual decision. This frees me from the phone, which can become like a leash sometimes.

I have a professional alarm system too which is amazingly loud. I prefer to use a combo of that system along with ADVANCE warning of someone in a “zone”.

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YEP. security cameras on one of my hubby’s job sites took great video of an entirely unidentifiable guy in a hoody and his unknown color pickup and his entirely unreadable license plate stealing a huge jobbox of tools. Lovely video. Entirely unusable.

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