Home defense drills?

I’m a husband, father, and guardian. My wife is not the most comfortable with a firearm in hand, but I am working with her on that. Recently my 5 year olds, and mentally handicapped sister in law have been learning about fire safety and what to do if there is a fire, after running a few drills in the home with them I decided to start building drills around mine and my wife’s home defense plan so they know what their role is in this situation.
Just wondering how many others train and run drills with their families for situations like this? What other scenarios have you built plans and train for in or out of the home?

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For the time being its just me at home. Not much for drills. When my guard dog comes home from vacation, he is my early warning system. If I need to go outside and make a loop around the house, I will often have my handgun and a flashlight or my FLIR Monocular I can reference. When possible, I have my handgun holstered and my Semi-Auto Shotgun slung and in my hand. Occasionally I will do a test clearing of the house with whatever firearm I happen to have on me.

My newest firearm a Carbine I just loaded two 33rd mags and one 15rd mag with hollow points and the rest of the mags FMJ.

I’m planning on picking myself up a 20lb Co2 Tank and small medical oxygen tanks to keep near the Co2 tank and from my work room, plumb in some simple gas piping. The goal of this is, in even of a fire, with my immediate exits blocked, I can have oxygen for when I open up and release the Co2 within the house. The Co2 will displace the oxygen and can act like a fire suppression system as well as a protection to my work room and the sensitive things within.

My plans are not laid out on paper but I’ve run over the plans so many times, it should not be an issue to me regardless of the scenario.

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I like the idea of a fire system. Hope it works out the way you plan.

They make Co2 Fire extinguishers as they remove the oxygen and heat but the way I plan it, it will just displace the oxygen…

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My girlfriend and I do some drills. She knows how to use one of my guns in case I’m not around.

I had her watch The Proving Grounds regarding a home invasion.

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When my daughter lived at home, fire, burglary, home invasion, her home alone and what to do. Now it’s just me and my wife. So we know what to do.