Where and how do you stage your home defense weapons within your home?


Three surprises watching home invasion surveillance videos: 1. how fast they got in, 2. how many worked together, 3. what time they seem to happen (early evening). I have a one year old boy who gets into everything; whatever it is has to be locked up tight.

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.38 special w/speed loader in a drawer in the kitchen. Rock Island Armory M5 12ga in the closet…my wife and I both have one of our pistols in a nightstand case beside the bed as well.

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I always have my 9mm on me when I’m up or beside me when I’m in bed on the night stand.

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Still working that out as we just moved recently after 16 years in the last place. For now my wife & I both have our carry guns at the ready. A house with a lot more space in a campground setting requires a different plan than a duplex on a city street.


My Glock is always within reach if it’s not on my hip. And I take it with me to the bathroom. Yep, I’m THAT guy.


Welcome @johnandthom! Great points! Do you carry on you when you’re at home? That may be a great way to keep it secure from little hands.

There was a conversation on the Community about biometric safes, but it’s not exactly a glowing review for their use: Biometric fingerprint ID

However a small safe - biometric or not - attached to a piece of furniture or cabinet may provide a solution for keeping firearms secure for you at this point in your family’s lives.

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Thank-you Dawn, that link is extremely helpful! I currently do not carry at home. I was going to wait till I got a CC. I just moved from California to Indiana. I am considering it now. Would it be good practice?

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There are a couple of bonuses to carrying at home - besides being able to defend yourself quickly, @johnandthom.

Carrying in your home helps those new to carrying get comfortable with the physical weight and feel of the gun while carrying, keeps the firearm secure and ready, and gives you a safe place to practice and catch yourself when you adjust your firearm or are printing (big no-no in public when you’re concealing).

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