Home defense plan

There are many options for defending yourself in your home. Where and how do you stage your home defense weapons within your home? Do you plan your Home Defense with Children? What is your Home Defense: Escape Plan?

How do you store your firearm in case you need it for home defense?

  • If I’m awake, my firearm is on me
  • I secure firearms/weapons around my home for easy access
  • I have one firearm staged in a safe in a strategic location in my home. The others are locked in the safe.

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This poll needed multiple possibilities. If I’m awake I always have a firearm on me or within reach and I have them pre positioned around the home and vehicles as well.


^^ what @wildrose said :grin:

Awake, at home, 1-2 on me at home, my mini revolver is always in my pocket, my 9mm whenever I leave except when I go to my special gun free zones twice a week.

Holstered at the head of my bed 1-2. At my door on the wall, my AR shotgun chambered 9+1 00Buck, in the corner of my bed, my glock backpack with folded Kel-Tec 9mm ready with 15 with unfold and chamber…

I have a decent choice, if I have an extra second, handgun and the shotgun, if I dont, handgun.

I can rather quickly check my security cameras for my house, inside and out. Can turn on some high power lights in the house.

I plan on testing how well some smoke grenades I have, work inside the house…

Not to worry, thanks to Alexa, my cell, or manual override, I can change out all the air in the house with a blower that puts negative air pressure in the house by blowing it into the attic and out the attic vents. It draws in air from wherever, usually a small window on the opposite side of the house…


Oh, and if I’m out at a friends where I end up staying the night on a couch or something, I sleep with my guns in their holsters on me. You know you have a good setup when you can sleep in comfort even on your firearm and not have any issues…

It depends on what room I am in as to which one and how many. My wife was getting something she dropped under the dining room table and came out to the garage with a puzzled look on her face. “Honey, why is there a rifle and a pistol mounted to the bottom of the dining room table?” Me: Ran out of room in the safe. :innocent::sunglasses:




As we are able to afford more storage solutions that meet the legal and our own personal safety requirements, and purchase more weapons we will stage more weapons in the house, but presently, they majority are locked up in the single large safe storage and my conceal carry is in the quick safe next to my side of the bed. Myself, my husband, and my kid have discussed, and practiced different scenarios, practiced techniques like slicing the pie to clear rooms, calling out to each other, and recently installed security cameras we can observe from phones.

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Dude, you do not get to stay at my house :laughing:
I’ll set up a night stand for you where you can put it right there by your head… but you’re sleeping in the out buildings… WAAAAaaaay on the other side of the pasture.:laughing:


I can sleep just about anywhere, I’m 6’3" tall, just for fun last night I slept on a love seat with my legs over the end quite a bit…

I got myself a portable diesel electric furnace, easy setup for heat even in the winter.

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nice option @Orpackrat - I’ll have to look into those :smiley:


While the one pictured is a nice all in one unit where you just attach a 12v battery and route the exhaust, there are kits to custom build them into vehicles and other applications. I got that all in one unit extremely cheap compared to their usual price of around $250. The basic ones are in the $100 ball park

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cool. thank you for the head start!

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