Home Defense: Escape Plan

Does your family have a plan on how to get out and where to go if you ever have a fire? What about if someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night? Do you let your overnight house guests know what to do, just in case? How has your plan changed since you started carrying?

What’s your escape plan?


We have a plan in place for a fire. Unfortunately the way our house is designed (it’s an old house that my grandfather built. It was originally three rooms and added onto over time to what we have today) the only viable plan that we came up with in case of intruders is for everyone to lock their bedroom door while I clear the house or eliminate the threat. We have an alarm system with backup power, but we live in the country, so I don’t count on the police getting here in time to help.

Those piecemeal houses can provide some benefit as it doesn’t have a “normal” layout for an intruder to to go through. You’ll have the advantage there, @Jason2.

Do you have an all-clear word/phrase so that everyone knows it’s safe to come out? Also does everyone have a weapon of some sort in their room? My kids always had their bo-staff and short sticks from tae kwon do in their rooms - along with their skateboards and other weapons of opportunity.

No, I guess that’s something that I need to think about though. Both of the kids have bats in their rooms, so I suppose I should teach them where to swing for in a worst case scenario. They’re not in martial arts bc they’re too busy with sports and school, so I’ll have to show them. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Bats can be great weapons, @Jason2! I would recommend a safe word/phrase so that you’re not on the receiving end of the bat! :flushed:

Yeah, I’m thinking about that and will discuss it with them. I only have them every other weekend and a few weeks during the summer though. I worry about them with their mom because even though they have a very good security system, they don’t have firearms in their house. They’re not anti-gun, but they don’t want to keep one in their house. I even gave both my ex-wife and her husband each handgun and a small safe that they could easily access in case of emergency, but they keep them at my ex-wife’s parents house because they have a lot of land in the country and that’s where we hunt. I told her and her husband that it completely negates the reason I gave them each a handgun in the first place!

They do have an excellent alarm system and live near a police station, but I just don’t think that’s enough. Their decision though, not mine. As for my house, I’ll have a firearm because I can’t depend on the police getting here in time.

You can help your children prepare for their defense even if they’re at their mom’s.

Go over escape routes (you might have to discuss it as if they’re escaping a fire depending on their age); show them basic self-defense skills and practice it with them; teach them that when they’re fighting for their life, there’s no such thing as fighting dirty; make sure they’re situationally aware and know what makes a good weapon of opportunity.

And getting to know the officers in the police department isn’t a bad idea for the kids. Not only will it help them know who is an officer if something happens, it my be preventative for when they get older :wink:

As I am the only one at home beside my little dog. This is my plan with my sidearm (revolver in a belly band)Screenshot_20190611-132406_Gallery

The front door is virtually across from the back door and all bedrooms are down the hallway. To get out is going down the hallway…

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We’ve been over all of that at there mom’s house, escape routes for fire and other emergencies, calling 911, they even know most of the police officers there because I grew up with many of them and have made friends with most of the others. One even lives in the neighborhood and they have his number. I’ve always taught my children to fight back and stand up for themselves, but I will have to train them with what they have on hand. They have a very good alarm system, but I just wish my ex and her husband would keep a firearm in the house just in case. I can’t force it on them though. I gave them each a pistol, but if they don’t want to keep them in the house it’s their decision and I don’t want to force it on them, just like I don’t want them forcing their beliefs on me. They have firearms though, they hunt, shoot, etc. I just don’t understand not wanting to keep one in their house. Especially since I gave them a safe and my kids know firearm safety and how to shoot. They were brought up around guns.

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For fire I will post the escape plan in each room, I will also implement a plan if any one is awakened by the smell of something hot or small amount of smoke coming from possible electric fire. IF THIS IS THE CASE My family will be trained to immediately shut off the main circuit breaker switch to the house. Then evacuate and call 911.

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