Weekend Drill: Home Defense Plan

Most of us have been spending a LOT more time at home lately. We’ve talked a lot about home defense during that time, including how to create a home-defense plan, what tools and technology can help you stay safe, and the use of lighting to assist with defense.

This weekend’s drill is to practice your home-defense plan with your ENTIRE family and anyone else who lives with you in your home.

What tweaks have you made after practicing your home-defense plan?


Great idea!

A quick note, when we were kids growing up, whenever the home burgler alarm would go off at night or when we were at home, we’d all race to the touch pad to turn it off before LE was dispatched.

Today I look back and OMG how stupid! I have told this story many times.

NEVER run to the pad to turn it off. It went off for a reason. Alarms are much more reliable now than in the 80’s. Go over with your family what each member should do in the event the burglar alarm goes off while you’re all there. Some will go to a safe room, some will CLEAR a path to the kids room(s). Make this your weekend drill, or at least part of it.