Do you have an in home defense plan and

Do you have an actual in home defense plan,and have you and your spouse or family practiced it?

To be clear, a plan in your head is not a plan,unless everyone knows what is in your head,and practices to what is in your head(telepathy- you know that’s a joke).

Does your plan cover,being woken up in the middle of the night,as well as being breached during Saturday house cleaning, Sunday lunch or football.
How about the visitor who needs help?


Yes, to all. However, in my opinion, it would be pretty unwise to share it in a public forum though. Just sayin’.


I keep trying to get the Cats to take their places,… but have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s like herding cats…”? Seriously, I’m willing and ready to take over watch, but getting any of them to scout ahead or take point in the train? Oy!.

But you know, I’ve been hearing the foot falls of the squirrels outside on the porch and on the roof. With their natural training we might be able to muster a hit and disappear op.

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Yes and it’s pretty simple. If a bad guy enters our home he’s going to be perforated a lot.