Home Defense: To sweep or not to sweep?

When would you sweep the house? When would you find a position of tactical advantage and stay there?


I would sweep the house if I heard a door kicked in/ window broken, just long enough to round up the family. Retreating t the room the guns are stored in, and then hunker down until the authorities arrive. If you and your family are all together, and come home to find someone has broken in, stay outside and car the police. It’s your job to keep your family safe, not to protect your big screen tv.


Agree with @45IPAC, I’m sweeping till family is together. If were coming home then we’ll go to a neighbors house and the cops can clear. The only reason I have to take such a risk is for family.


That’s an easy question when you are 100% sure there is an intruder. I’ve seriously swept the house twice. The first time was back in the early aught years. I was home alone at night. Went back to a room where I was certain I turned the light off, but it was on. Second time was not that long ago. I improperly stored some stuff in the basement and it came crashing down at night. I’m not calling the police to say I thought I turned a light off, or I heard a noise in the basement. It’d be different if I heard voices or movement.


There is more than one way to sweep the house. My home alarm shows what sensors (motion, doors, windows, etc) have been tripped. So in sort of a “all of the above” answer, family and I will be taking a strong defensive position while waiting for the police to show up… while monitoring the movement through the house by the threat and relaying that info to 911.


Most of the time, what wakes me up in the middle of the night are the cats causing mischief attempting to get into cabinets or walking upon the countertops. I’ll wander out and just confirm I don’t have a bigger cat in the house and curse them and myself that I’ve forgotten to tie ropes or tie wrap the cabinet doors snug. IF, on the way I’ve heard something that leads me to believe it’s a human intruder: alarms, breaking windows, speaking… and I haven’t already stepped into a pile of steaming stinking poudu… I’ll retreat and seek the assistance of my friendly local LEOs… otherwise I’m calling for their help and doing what I have to until they’ll arrive - hopefully with them on the phone listening in with me.

(Currently I’m a single male in a big house with three housecats, so I’ve got a bit more discretionary rules of engagement than I would if I were to be caring directly for others.)


I’m with @45IPAC and @Sheepdog556…sweep until family is together and then hunker until LEO arrives (interestingly enough I was just reviewing our “emergency” plans with the Mrs earlier today).

The one wrinkle (that was discussed at length in another thread) is the dog…if she’s in her crate and just barking her head off ok…if I hear that she’s being attacked in anyway then the sweep extends to getting her protected as well.


I’m with @Greg1


I vote for sending the drone down the steps to investigate! :slight_smile: That would be awesome!

I wonder if a drone has ever been used by a good guy in a home self defense incident? I wonder if it would scare away the bad guy? It just might!

If I’m alone, stay put if I can. If not, try to get family together and stay put.