New Shooter Monday: Staging your firearms

If you’re training to carry a concealed gun for your self-defense, you’ll probably be thinking about defending yourself outside of your home a lot. But what about in your home? Do you have a plan for how you’re going to store your firearm for easy access, but keeping it safe from little hands? Are you going to stage a firearm for your defense? Who is going to know where your firearms are?

Defending yourself at home does require a different plan than self-defense outside of the home.

What are your biggest questions about having a firearm for your defense at home?

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In my case there were always two questions:

  1. Accessibility:
  • how fast the firearm can be accessed if needed vs. how easily the firearm can be accessed by kids where it’s not needed
  1. Know your target and what’s beyond it:
  • you have to be sure you hit the target, otherwise you may get into the trouble with every single flyer.
    I have few neighbours within 200 yards, that I like.

You got safety into both questions! Good job!


Accessibility and Ammo choice.

Accessibility is a given.

Ammo choice. Be it a .357 mag, or a 12 gauge, I want Ammo that is effective without over penetration.

All this, under the umbrella of safety.

  1. Deter

  2. Delay

  3. Defend

  4. I don’t want my house to be a target so I make it more difficult to assault and breach. Cameras are the new normal. Old fashioned sensor lights still work. Keep the bushes away from the windows. Dogs are good, always handy to leave a couple chewed up toys on the lawn.

  5. Reinforce your doors/windows. 3" long stainless screws in your hinges and striker plates are good things. 1/2" wood dowels cut to fit your windows work REAL good. Dogs are Good.

  6. Have a plan if it finally comes down to it. Not much more than that. I like my Milwaukee light bombs, I use tham for work and recharge them on my night stand. Hold the lens against your leg , turn it on, close your eyes and heave it down the hall way etc. 800 lumins of flood light not attached to you bouncing across the floor. Air horns, got teens living in the house? Light one of them off, even teenagers wake up for that.




Are you locking up your staged firearms or taking them with
You when you go out :question::question::question:

It’s on my hip from when I get dressed in the morning till I get undressed in the evening, house locked tight and alarm set. We have no little ones in the house so it remains on my nightstand until the next morning.

The safest, quickest and most accessable place for a handgun is on the hip.


I carry OWB even when home.