Setting the Stage for Your Defense at Home

There are so many things to keep in mind when stagging firearms for your defense at home. One that always is in the back of my mind is if the guns aren’t locked up, a criminal who robs my home has just helped themselves to X number of guns…

What are your concerns about staging your firearms and how do you work around those concerns?


I didn’t intend to derail this conversation.

Due to my kids I can’t stage my home. It’s just a not a risk worth taking.

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The video you shared was funny, but was a bit too far across the line with the language and one of the movie references (you know which one I’m referring to). Sorry, @Spence, I had to take it down.

He did have a few interesting staging ideas thought.

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All good, I’m so used to inappropriate language, phrases and whatever else I forget someone else may get offended.


I thought I had replied to this thread. Oh, Well!
I am a retired gentleman, ‘in training’ to be a Senior Citizen. I live alone in an 800 sq.ft. house. When my EDC gun (a Taurus G2S 9mil.) is not on my hip ( which is whenever I am up and dressed), it is ‘staged’ in the drawer of my bedside table. I do not have the money to buy a safe, although it is on the ‘hotlist’ of Stuff I Gotta Have. Because of the design of my house, If someone tries to break in my front door, I have 1-2 seconds max to get it out, on target.and pull the trigger.


Mr. Spence

I had the same concerns you have, and then I discovered Safety Bullet and I purchased as many as I could at the time, because the it’s great! The only risk for me forgetting that my stage gun has a Safety Bullet in it.

Regardless of how some clowns misrepresent (well, LIE) on YOUTUBE, it’s a good alternative to an expensive safe. I have a 10 gun safe, but staging several small safes around the house isn’t cost effective for me.

The instructor for my CPL class talked about these. He had great things to say about them.

I would absolutely forget about it and I don’t want to have that be a problem if the need ever arose.

I’ve never seen these until you posted them, @Ronald1.

Anyone else have these/use them?

@Dawn I just checked their website - apparently they got hit by a hurricane last fall and are looking to sell the intellectual property for this… so if you find them for sale you might need to just buy what’s in stock.

Or … we need to find someone to buy them up and put them back in business.

Wondering if loading a snap cap to the chamber would work the same way.

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No, these expand and clog the barrel when “fired”. You have to disassemble the firearm and pound them out. Assuming these are the same thing my CPL instructor spoke of that is…my memory is pretty crap lately, I need to get off 3rd shift.


hmm… I don’t think I’m using that then. Sounds like a good way to disarm yourself if you forget to rack first. … something that might be possible if awakened by a housebreaker.

I could be confusing two products honestly. Like i said, my memory is not exactly straight, 3rd shift has been doing a number on me lately.

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With the right gun safes, and many are available today it’s very easy to stage around the house even if you do have kids. It’s more expansive than it is for someone like myself but it certainly can be done very safely and responsibly.

I worked third for all of three weeks - it was torturous! I was much younger then, but I still couldn’t think straight on the days I had off. :confused: