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Why would you not just keep your EDC on?


If you are staging guns that’s alot of guns in really weak safes.

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Nancy and I have no kids around so we have guns staged around the house and my EDC doesn’t leave my side till bed and then I sleep on it. :+1:

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Yaaaa I am not a fan of small safes.

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Empty nester here also, can’t imagine keeping my QRF/CQB firearms in different safes in different conditions, I keep all staged weapons in condition 1.
I understand the value of keeping my carry piece in its holster in the night stand at bedtime. Different safes/different weapon conditions sounds more dangerous. If you need to keep a staged weapon in condition 2 then all staged weapons should be the same. IMHO.

“Why would you not just keep your EDC on?”

It kinda ruins “naked cuddle time” if I’m fully clothed and still armed! My wife would disapprove!