Securing Your Home While You're at Home

What steps do you take to secure your home while you’re at home during the day? Do you do anything differently at night?

Gotta say nope!

The camera tracked mini guns work day or night. The Claymores are command or automatically triggered. Th anti tank mines are in place in front of the driveway and my drones are in constant rotation at 1000 feet and have only shot down 8 or 10 police drones this week. :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




Never leave my garage or front door open unless someone is physically out there. When nobody is home, my wife is adamant about setting the alarm even if it’s just a quick trip to the store.

At night, we make full use of the alarm and set it to home mode.

I’m just realizing that we leave the patio door to the backyard unlocked most of the day when we’re home. Need to break that habit.


I try to not be paranoid, but never leave the front door unlocked if I’m not sitting just outside near it. And I carry from sun up to sun down whether I’m home or not.


Nothing different. Gun on hip or within reach all doors locked. If we go anywhere the doors are double locked and the neighbors are watchful as we are with them. :+1:
Training Shiloh to alert at strangers, noises and smells. I trust his nose and ears much more then mine.


Doors are always locked. If I am working in the garage (garage door is up) or lawn then I am armed.


Doors, windows and sliding doors stay locked. At night I add bars to the sliding door. Open carry at home. Puppy is still too small to do anything but she’ll become part of the plan soon.


The house is locked when we are home, the alarm system is set at night to “stay” mode and set to “away” every time we leave. I carry at home just as I carry away from home. I have a larger weapon staged in the bedroom.


I always keep my pistol near or on me, too. I just figure it’s the safest place for it.


We have good friends, that 25 years ago in very upscale Laguna Niguel CA, had one of their neighbor gals run screaming into the open garage next door (which was not screaming gal’s house) into that house, up the stairs, and into a closet… Followed quickly by the angry yelling and armed husband, who proceeded to shoot her dead in that closet. Then shot himself.

I never leave my doors open if I’m not present.



Doors locked and deadbolted, even when we’re home. In the event we’re home and in-and-out and the doors aren’t locked, I’m carrying both my CC and Sabre spray. Oh, my new puppy is 25 lbs, growing like a weed on her way to 70 lbs, and is very protective. That always helps …

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DEFCON-2 2100Zulu, over the 1MC, rig for red, maintain ultra quiet, man battle stations missile for strategic launch, set condition 1SQ for WSRT, spin up missiles 1-4 and 7-12, this is not a drill. Make your depth six-zero feet, zero bubble, prepare to hover. The release of nuclear weapons has been authorized.
Oops, you meant my house not the homeland! Yeah, no changes.


Same ol, same ol….

Carry at home, carry in town. Watch long driveway… and if you come up that long driveway you either intended to for a good reason or not… it is not something you do just to see where it goes into the woods.

Same ol same ol…

I walk the property around the house or down the driveway some nights, just to check on things… you can decide which nights.

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I usually keep all doors locked including the garage. I have a pretty huge home so I keep all my guns in different locations throughout my home so that wherever I’m located I can have access to protection.

I have several camera’s that record 24hr surveillance around the house, always watching and looking to see if any abnormal changes have occurred i.e. someone following me etc. Would like to build a “panic” room as well all steel walls , food and heavy artillery sort of like an underground bunker for war. Call me nuts but oh well hahaha

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Nuts? No. Prepared? Yes!

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House doors closed and locked at all times. Motion activated spotlights and cameras around the perimeter of the house, cameras and motion detectors covering all ground-level entry areas. This should let me know there’s trouble before I hear the sound of breaking glass or a door getting kicked in.

I thought about motion detectors in all rooms, but with people moving around during the day there is too much noise. At night, the bedrooms are upstairs and their is a single stairway up which makes for a defensible chokepoint so there is no reason to go searching for the bad guys, particularly in the dark.

House doors locked and alarmed even when we are home. Why make it easy to be invaded? Paranoid? Yeah, maybe. But I sure like a few seconds of early warning.

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Doors are locked, deadbolted and we use security bars on the patio and French doors. Security system on at night and when were not home. I replaced the bedroom door with a steel door, extra long and stout screws, deadbolt and my wife uses door wedges when I’m deployed. We have a second steel door (with same treatment) to a small room off the walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

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While I’m home I am the protector and I am always armed in my house or my gun is within arms reach.

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A few months (or perhaps more) ago CC Magazine had an article on home defense, and as I recall it mentioned “layers” of defense. I thought about our home and realized that I had not thought in the layers mode before, and some of what I considered defensive protection was poorly thought out.

As I began to think in layers, I developed a much better home defense plan, and came upon one area of weakness recently that I wanted to share.

We have our cars parked in our driveway overnight, We lock them securely (too many cases of cars stolen where the owners either leave the keys inside and the car unlocked, or both).

Then I realized that in every car is a garage door remote. Anyone who breaks into our cars can open the garage door and enter at will. They still have to breach more “layers” to get into the house, but there is a lot of valuable stuff in the garage I don’t want stolen or vandalized.

Solution was to buy a $20 remote plug-in for the garage door opener with a surface-mounted wall switch in the garage. At night, after I take the dog out for the last time, I switch the opener “OFF” remotely (The plug goes into a regular outlet and the opener plugs into it). The whole thing got installed in under 15 minutes. Just a FYI for others who are working on their “layers” defense.