Home Defense 101

So you are a citizen concerned about your safety and that of your family’s, good. In today’s world of escalating crime, public shootings and so on, you should be.
The first thing people think about is a gun when it comes to home invasion, besides the needed alarm system of course. Ok, well after you go out and buy your 9mm…hint,hint…you go to the range to learn how to shoot right. This topic also is for you seasoned gun owners.
So now you know how to aim and shoot, good. Here’s a little tip I haven’t heard much mention about. How well do you know your home, your surroundings. Can YOU walk through your home with your eyes closed and know what room your in, the entire layout, without falling over or bumping around? You should! Blind people can.
No joke, If you dont know your own layout, eyes closed, you and the criminal are in the same car pool and its a " any given Sunday ball game". What if your new to the home? So is the criminal. Be aware.
“Now, do not try any of this at home or anywhere. I am not liable for any accidents, fatalities or injuries, practice safety only.”


I do a lot of wandering around my house in the dark. It isn’t always easy to do it without tripping since my wife often leaves her shoes in random places and my son sometimes leaves some random toys on the ground. Suspect a criminal would have a much harder time getting around in the dark than I do.

Ideally if we are alerted to an intruder we won’t be doing any wandering around. My wife goes to the safe area and I grab my pistol and go get my son to bring him there while she calls 911. The safe area is right next to our bedrooms. If the home invaders decide to break down the door leading into the safe area they will be provided with an extremely unfriendly welcome and find themselves at a significant tactical disadvantage.


The best gunfight is the one you avoid.

My labrabull discourages “uninvited visitors.”
She ensures I avoid unnecessary confrontations.


Still just flesh and blood, the intruder may be armed and you need backup in case pooch fails to deter the attacker. Your choice, nobody else. If you dont believe in gun ownership activity, why are you on this site feed?
You can’t avoid the fight when its brought to your doorstep, and yes the bad guy #2 may be at the back door so make sure you dont run right into his barrel sight if that’s your escape plan.
So pooch is good to have as well as a back up, or just play the victim and hope like ××LL it all works out in your favor…who really knows, right.
Be safe.

I don’t think we’ve met.


35 years in my castle, I can sense “micro changes in air density”.-Ash
But the one thing no one can escape…
and more dangerous than a home invader…dun, dun, dun…


The problem in my house is… that my wife changes family room design and furniture layout all the time. :neutral_face:
So I’m like a stranger in my own house every other week. :joy:

Thank God the stairs are still in the same place… so that would be my direction to go blindfolded. :grin:


At our home, we have a pair of guns in every room with a perfect spot to engage from. So, it doesn’t matter what room we are in, separate or together. We have a defensive plan!


That’s actually an excellent point. Can you move through your house blind? I go to bed later than R so I’m wandering around in here in the dark damn near every night. That said, it’s not as easy as it appears. Goes back to the old adage, Practice, Then Practice and then Practice…


I can. The wife, not so much.


I have a brass plaque next to my front door that reads “Abandonate omnes spes, vos qui intrastis”. If the miscreant can’t read Latin and breaks into my home, he’ll be met by an Italian mastiff that will translate for him. And as my state has “no duty to retreat”, I will do what I need to and call the police, then the good folks at USCCA. As for wandering about the house in the dark, most folks can do that. For my situation, I would avoid moving to contact and shoot the intruder from concealment. If my canine was engaged, then I’d get into the mix and finish the job before doggo makes a big mess of him.


Yes, I can, but if I was concerned about an intruder, I would be using a flashlight to identify the target, so I would have no need to move around in the dark. Always have a flashlight with you/near you, day and night - not just a firearm.


Having a flashlight doesn’t excuse from knowing the house.
Flashlight is not used to help with it.
You illuminate the theat for identification then quickly turn it off… so you both are in worse vision conditions than before.
Now it’s the moment you need to know where to move in the dark.

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I disagree. If that is the case, you are using your flashlight wrong. Shining a light on a perp will not blind you, but will more likely blind the perp. I have used my flashlight walking at night. I have never blinded myself with it, but I have illuminated people lurking in the shadows. In my house, there is enough ambient light that it is never pitch black, so I can see furniture, etc. I have tested my ability to walk in my house darkened, though, just in case of a total blackout, which has occurred a couple times in my 30+ years in this home. However, I would not be shooting anything without first identifying the target (need light for that).


We have enough exterior lighting (that’s part of home security) that unless the power goes out, most of the house is light-enough to walk through. Most. Some key areas, not.

We also have night lights in high traffic areas that light up hallways etc, and have internal backup batteries (that die after a couple years max and no longer work with power outages…) so even in a power outage, there will be light in certain locations. But, only certain locations


If somebody is using tools differently it doesn’t mean he uses it wrong.

I’m not talking about blinding somebody with flashlight, but about the result of turning flashlight off which gives a needs for light adaptation for the eyes.


OK Scott, 06:15 and I almost wet the bed! Thanx a Latte! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
(dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Classic)

Yee-ouch TRUTH!


Is that roughly translated “Abandon all hope he who enter here?” (I mean I could look it up–wiki–and all that just want to see how sharp I am this early in the morning) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I have to agree, my eyes aren’t the greatest these days, but they do adjust to the dark.

Because your eyes adjust to the dark, it’s not the same as having your eyes closed, or a blindfold on. however I do agree that you should be able to walk through your house blindfolded. If the perp shines a light in your eyes, you will be blinded.

A flashlight could give away your location.

Agree 100%. You may need to identify your target. In that case you have no choice but to give away your location.

We have cameras inside the house that the light comes on with the motion sensor. and the one at the back of the house an ear piercing alarm will sound. But I still want to be able to go through the house blind.


[quote=“BeanCounter, post:3, topic:1
The best gunfight is the one you avoid.

As Gunner Bean just quoted, this and 'If you get in a gunfight you’re Tactics suck"— Both by Gun Legends
If Miscreants succeed in gaining entrance they aren’t here to sell me Girl Scout Cookies. The Bedrooms are separated by a 20’hallway. You can’t walk (2) abreast (especially if you have firearms. It’s a Kill box.
There are Motion sensor’s and forward facing spots w/ shields that deflect a lot of light forward and not back to us. They are screwed. Blinded and disoriented they have only (2) choices.
2)Get Shredded.
They advance? they will DIE-
No shoot to wound, they gave up that choice by continuing the Assault.
I have zero time for stupid these days. The Man will understand they breeched my defenses, they
ran into secondary defenses and given the opportunity to disengage they continued (with weapons)
‘Body bags and Bleach time’
and to answer one of Dee’s questions. Aside from the low light sensors (nightlights) I can move around my house like a Kat! Family member in Safe room, no children everyone else is a Target.
Buh Bye.