Home Defense: Light on Your Weapon?

You know your home better than any intruder. If you’re like me, you can walk around your home in complete darkness only running into the occasional dog or cat. Is it to your advantage to have a light on your firearm?

Here’s a review of a new weapon light that you might find helpful:

Do you have a light on your home defense weapon of choice?

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dont have a light on my weapon… my family and i do practice moving and escaping different rooms in the dark…that being said, we do have a flashlight in each room of the house

I do have Viper red dot on one of my weapons but not a tactical light. Good article and something to think about for the weapon next to my bed.

I do not have a light on the weapon, I have tactical flashlight which is going to be kept in my other hand in home defense situation. The point is to keep light source out of your body. Light source is gonna be the first point of hit.


I too keep the light separate. I have a laser on the firearm.

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Glock 19 with a Streamlight TLR-7. Absolutely love the set up.


I have a second light on the firearm, because two is one.

Primary flashflight is stand alone because never point the firearm at anything you do not want to destroy.

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Flashlight separate, every time I think of searching with a flashlight for a possible intruder i envision myself as a lighthouse…on an island…I don’t want the intruder to know exactly where I am…


I have several TLR’s on rifles. Streamlight makes excellent weapons lights and flashlights.

Honestly though I’d prefer a handheld light for many reasons rather than a mounted light on a pistol.


I use a hand held tactical light. My wife also helps by rearranging furniture in the house when she cleans. That way I know how to trip over things in the dark and maintain my balance and concentration.


Funny. that however is an absolute “No, No” at our house for that specific reason.

I want to be able to maneuver in complete darkness like a blind man if necessary.


Remember John Wick Chapter 2? Every “bad guy” with a flashlight running through the tunnel was an easy target.

That said, I don’t use a light on any of my handguns. I do practice shooting with a separate hand-held light.

I do have an AR and an 870 setup with flashlights on them for the house. When you’re on a long gun, the option of a separate hand-held flashlight isn’t there. But you really have to be careful and realize that a weapon-mounted light shouldn’t be used for “searching”. Remember your 4 safety rules.


I always keep an Anker Bolder P2 rechargeable light with or by me and with a few other lights, from penlights to a 5 cell maglight in locations throughout the my house and car. I have never been a fan of pistol mounted lights. I do not like the extra weight or bulk on the pistol. I have a detachable pistol grip with a flashlight/laser incorporated attached to my rifle.
I also prefer the darkness in my home because i am very at home in it and know where everything is. If I need the light, I can use it without having to point the muzzle at everything i look at.
The Anker P2 has been a great little light at 120 lumens for $17. After almost 3 years all I have had to do was replace the rechargable AAA batteries. It is waterproof and recharges with a micro USB plug.

I have a 1800 Lumen strobe on my shotgun. Disoriented and blinded assailants are easier for non lethal take downs. But it’s a 12 Gauge just Incase

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I have lights on rifles pistols and shotguns, I also train with them. I have found that outside military and police, most folks have never shot in the dark with or without a light. Additionally, you can definitely have to much light on a weapon especially in a structure where the light can reflect back at you from light colored walls, windows and so on. This topic can go on for days so I’ll leave there. Train like your life depends on it…

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I posted about my Anker P2 yesterday and today the switch cap broke off! I shouldn’t have talked about it. :frowning: A new one will be delivered tomorrow and I contacted the company about replacing the end cap. Two is always better than one.

I have a taclight on my AR-15 with 2 30 round magazines on board. That should be enough to stop most threats!

Yep and with a laser. Since my wife may need to use it and I can only get her out to the range to practice a couple times a year…I want to give her all the help I can give her if something happens when I’m out of town.

I have o-light pl mini 2 on my g19 for home defense . Love the charger, similar to Apple Watch.

I use a hand held tac light