Flashlight Mount Options

I know nothing when it comes to what makes a mounted flashlight a good/reliable one. Are there any specifics I should look for when buying a flashlight? I’m specifically looking for one to fit a pistol, and one for a firearm that has a picatinny railed system. Thank you for your help.

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Check these threads. You may find some answers.


I’ve had nothing but good luck with Olight


Lots of options. Surefire is the gold standard.

I don’t carry a mounted light. I do have a mounted light on my home defense pistol. I have the “Olight”. It’s a great light. They have charging options, though I went for batteries since my gun stays locked up. It fits my Glock and M&P, or any standard pic rail for that matter.

Olight is more budget minded, BUT it’s good quality. It’s not like a $20 light on Amazon. It’s a quality light. They have a lot of deals pretty regularly.


Love my Olight, they go on sale quite often.


I’m not a “mounted light” fan, but if I’d ever consider to buy one, I’ll go with either “Olight PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie” or “Olight Baldr RL Mini”. Small and effective.
If you like… you may consider this:
“Surefire G2Z MV Combat Light”. Independent from the firearm, what gives (at least me) better light manipulation options, makes very wide light stream and has its body shape prepared for “Rogers technique”.


I have an inforce light on my M&P 2.0 compact and I like it. It’s not like 1000 lumens but it serves the purpose for home defense.


Which firearm do you have?

May want to ensure you can find a holster for your gun/light combo before you make your decision. The most common equipment is usually covered. The oddball combos can be a problem. I like Streamlight and like to stick to lower lumens for in home defense for reasons.


Agree 100 percent with @Robert_M3 just make sure you can get a holster for that particular combo if you plan in carrying it.


My edc has an x300 ultra, and I carry a pocket light. As some have said, find a good holster for the light you want first…it took a while to find a reasonably priced holster compatible with that light. It seems to me that once you throw in a light, manufacturers get awfully proud of their product.