Virtual Classes

With all these virus rules, is anyone doing a 3 hour virtual classroom training and an off site range practice for their Concealed Carry Classes


I know some folks are but not in my circle of teachers. I’ve seen a couple of classes scrapped that might have been salvaged with limited group size at the range and the rest online.

I have Zoom, which improves the virtual person-to-person contact in a live online class (rather than the independent online learning courses), but haven’t set up any to do that way.

I saw on FB that Tatiana Whitlock is going to have some online classes. I imagine the traveling trainers are badly hurt by this mess.

I would love to see a quality online class that gets people a good start on concealed carry. I live in Illinois so online classes are of no benefit to concealed carry clients. Its too bad that the USCCA CCHD is not a usable training resource in Illinois. This e learning class is well done but it is expensive for no diploma or credit towards a concealed carry permit. I am not sure if other states are the same way. Quality E learning is a great tool and I am glad that I see some quality courses out there.

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