Online Firearms Training?

I’ve been a member of Chris Sajnog’s “New Rules of Marksmanship” for a while now, and really like that he is teaching people how to LEARN vs how to shoot. I recommend it highly.

Any others using online training to improve their shooting? If so, what are you using, and is it working for you?

I’ve watched several Chris Sajnog’s videos on Youtube, I’ve signed up for mailing list, so have received access to few his other videos … they are OK, I’ve learned some practical shooting stuff… however these are only additions to regular training classes.
I can recommend few other “training videos”, but don’t treat them the same as classes - they are not.
Check these YouTube channels:
National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF
Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter
Tactical Performance Center
… and probably you can find many more… Each single channel teaches something new :point_up:

Thanks Jerzy! You should check out the SEAL Training app on Apple and Android. It has a lot more of Chris Sajnog’s teaching in it, and it’s free.

@Michael - I think I’ve used this app before… however I’ve got a good relationship with my local range and found that this worked better for me.
Anyway I’m always open to watch videos… there’s always something I can learn from.