Crime Videos For Training & Education

The USCCA staff should consider - if not already - an ongoing library of ACTUAL crime videos for training, and ready access by the Community. Videos posted in the past are too far-and-in-between for us to reference - how about some fat lump pounding on your front-door with a claw-hammer, while verbally insulting you, as your wife and kids cower in fear? This was caught on a doorbell-camera, and shown on an episode of DR. PHIL about law-abiding Latinos experiencing attacks. The library should be continuously updated, not only showing how suddenly and viciously they can happen, but also how stupidly these hammerheads behave in even the most ridiculous crimes.


That’s already done quite well by the Active Self Protection Youtube channel. USCCA would just be duplicating their work, which goes back several years and can get rather graphic.

Active Self Protection


THX - I’ve apparently overdosed on the MOST DARING & MOST SHOCKING TV series.


I was just going to say…OP is describing ASP perfectly.

Great channel. It’s…straight reality. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Even if you ignore the host (he’s usually spot on), just watching it to see the footage itself is useful.


I am not sure if it would be possible to partner with Police1 training but they have some serious content. These are the videos that help train our LEO’s.

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Okay, okay - stop with the posts!