Active Self Protection YouTube Channel


Probably been mentioned before, but there’s an excellent YouTube Channel called Active Self-Protection ( ) which shows dozens upon dozens of REAL self-defense encounters, how they went down and what went right or wrong in those instances. might be a useful adjunct to what’s contained here.


I watched a few of his videos, some good self-defense points, @M3gaW0lf. Like take your hands out of your pockets and be aware when someone is very agitated and aggressive.

Seeing how other people dealt with a self-defense incident can help you prepare mentally for what options you may have if you ever have to defend yourself.


Can’t be beat for realism, that’s for sure! :slight_smile:


ASP is a teriffic resource and John does a great job of reviewing the videos pointing out what was done right, wrong and uses them very effectively to teach us how to be better self defenders. ASP Extra is another great resource.

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And he covers just about every realistic conceivable scenario you can imagine.

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