Don't Make These Self-Defense Mistakes


Have any of you seen this footage before? What advise would you give mother and daughter so they’ll be safer if they ever have to defend themselves again?

What other self-defense mistakes have you seen on the news that you’ve been able to learn from?


Yes, I remember this video. I was surprised that the bad guy was still moving around after being shot at least 6 times…then he still had the strength to wrestle a gun away from one of the ladies. I remember wondering if this could be an issue of ‘not enough gun’? Thank God the ladies finally won the day, but that was a situation that I would not want to get caught in.


Also, if they had emptied their weapons, they are in a liquor store. I see shelves full of potential weapons. Start bashing him with bottles. I definitely would not have let him get that close. And like @KevinM said in the video, don’t store the gun next to where the criminals are likely to go. I’m a “keep it in your body” person as well.

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Very true, @45IPAC and @Henry_A! I wouldn’t let anyone get that close to me in an attack situation. I’d be throwing bottles at him if I didn’t have my gun on me.

Off-body guns have to be kept safe, and keeping that at the register isn’t the best idea. I understand why they thought it was a good idea, but it is right where the bad guys are going to go. I’m betting they assumed he’d stay on the other side of the counter and demand money, unfortunately for them, that’s not how this guy operated. :confused:

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