Personal defense is more than your EDC


What are common things you do to try to ensure you never need to use your weapon?

I always sit facing the door of the restaurant, usually near a quick EXIT with good visibility. I have a pretty big list of common things I try to teach my family, so it becomes 2nd nature for them to just be careful.


Stay aware, learn the fundamentals of verbal judo,carry alternative means of self defense (pepper spray is a good one). Avoid and evade whenever possible.


This could be a long list. But observing a threat as soon as possible is key. Try to not get “cornered”, always aware of exits, leaving space in traffic, I also avoid the middle lane in heavy congestion. Those are just a few.


I always make sure I can see the tires of the person in front of me as well. I also back into most parking spaces.


Adding to the other responses, I try not to go where there might be a confrontation. Case in point, my wife sees a Dr whose office isn’t far from Ferguson Missouri. One such appointment was on a day they were going to block the highways in protest after the Micheal Brown ordeal. Instead of taking my wife’s car, we drove my gas hog of a truck. That way, if I neede to drive over a curb, through a ditch, or even someone’s yard, I wouldn’t run the risk of driving into a hostile crowd.


I go to alot of strange places while on the road 1st thing I do is mind my own business! I always sit where I can people watch and have a easy way out.


Situational awareness is always key. Try to identify potential problems before they become an issue & escalate so you have time to remove yourself from the situation.


Yep I do that (leave space in traffic, stay out of the middle lane, leave space ahead of me at lights. Park facing out). Also outside gas pump facing the street.
Getting in the truck its get in, lock doors, start the engine and in gear, THEN seatbelt and any other thing I need to do. Windows stay up until I’m rolling, and go back up if I’m in traffic or in town with stop signs and lights.

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