Tactical Tuesday: Legal Aftermath

Our Tactical Tuesday videos usually feature drills you can use to train for your physical safety. But there are other aspects of safety that also need attention, including your legal safety after a self-defense incident.

How do you train to stay safe in these other areas?


Ummm… Join USCCA. :grin: :grin: :grin:


I second @BRUCE26 and would add, utilizing the member benefits!


I would say the most difficult thing is going to be the mental aftermath. That said the financial train wreck bearing down on you is going to be “UGE”. You may loose your job, you may be vilified in the news, your house and your family may be attacked physically, socially or in print.Everything you have ever done is going to be examined, every person you have ever come into contact with will be given 15 seconds of fame to denounce you, those for you will never see the light of a camera. Look at George Zimmerman. On the grimmer side of reality, recently there was a shop owner that shot someone, he committed suicide.

Depending on where you call home you could have all the legal woes of shooting someone without pulling the trigger as was seen in Savannah, GA as well as the McKlosky’s (sp) and the kid in Kenosha. Suffice to say given the “correct” set of circumstances you may walk from a justified shoot and fade into the background. If things are not so correct, well it could get a bit sporty.




Tactically speaking, self imposed strict quarantine, don’t move, as any lawyer will state, you should have avoided the area, or the interaction.
Avoid life, avoid the legal aftermath, don’t shop in store, you could be attacked, don’t have a drink with friends, don’t go to restaurants, don’t drive to work, don’t drive home from work, don’t stroll on the beach, don’t even stand in front of your own home, that could be just as deadly, legally, and for goodness sake do not speak, don’t wear hats or clothing that represents your views.
Aren’t the bad guys supposed to be the ones who are afraid, yet they are creating all the havoc! Eating your food at the restaurant, preventing you from arriving safely at your home or place of employment. People that shoot cops and pray for their death don’t concern themselves with legal aftermath, ask yourself, who is enjoying freedom on the streets of the a United States. It’s not me, I’m avoiding! Unless I switch sides! This is ludicrous!
For lack of a better word, this is communism, cloaked in democracy!


Lately me and my wife have avoided certain things we liked to do, like eating out, strolls in the beach, even nice drives on days off. Not because of fear, but just avoidance. It’s ashamed that it’s come down to this. You know before when things got bad in the area you lived in you just got up and moved to a better place. Do those better places still exist. :thinking: It’s a coin toss where ever you decide to go or relocate to. With all of these protest going on you have to be concerned about the legal ramifications if you do get involved even if you are justified. Me and the wife are staying put for now and rely on the good lord to keep us safe from all evil. We pray for peace in this world. We are also glad to know that if it comes down to having to defend ourselves that the USCCA is there to back me which does provide comfort. We pray the lord look out for our 2A rights and continue to bless the USCCA in all they do.


Some of you on this sight are aware that I was involved in a horrible explosion/accident. Craig, you are right. The aftermath has been horrible, and as you state above in your article…horrible. Thank god that i do not have PTSD, and thank god my neighbors prayed for my recovery, thank god i have a wonderful wife and family, and thank god I am alive and functioning! Two years have gone by, and every other month another issue creeps up. The entanglement of every agency (seems like every agency) was horrible. Attorney fees. We are guilty until proven innocent, and the proof of guilt will cost. I can compare the above topic to what I went thru! AS you said Craig, it is still a bit “sporty”.


You want to make sure you know and understand the laws in your state, know how to make sure the site is safe from additional threat. Once you are sure the site is secure you need to know how to properly secure your weapon ( do not want to be holding it when the police arrive) and any weapons held by the attacker. Once the authorities are called you need to know how to contact legal help. There are a number of steps to reduce the risk of any evidence vanishing. I would advise that you read and study the articles posted here and memorize the information and practice the steps so you have a clear understanding of your situation.