Firearm Training and it’s priceless assets to stay safe.

The training that I have received in the past 5 years has given me some very valuable assets
that I love having very much. It all has problems of good and the worst, but if you
don’t have some difficulties, you can not grow
to be your best in life.

The training covers a wide range of training and classes that are necessary today.

Please, note that carrying a firearm is the easiest and it may seem cool to be a legal concealed and carry individual. That brings up this greatest concern to bring to light.

There is a big part of owning a firearm that many people just push the legal responsibilities
aside and hope they all vanish, disappear, or
It does not apply to me.

The issues that I bring up here is raising higher and higher, please take time to learn from the best, to be the greatest responsible American.
Instructors and businessmen have spent many months to educate us, if a firearm is used in a self defense or a home defense, there will be
Legal Issues that will change our life’s for many years and the pain.

Without all details, I have 9 years of civil court cases and lawyers; I was the good guy in these
Unwanted Problems.

Crime is happening and increasing. Legally
anyone with a firearm needs to Restudy the Gun Laws and problems very hard.

Thank you !


@William_H In your round about way you have pointed out the reason I joined the USCCA. I’ve been carrying legally since 3 months and 12 days after I turned 21 (I picked up my pistol and dropped off my CCW application on the same day, it took that long to get it back). About 5 years ago a friend of a friend was involved in a legal shoot. He was having trouble coping with the aftermath and my bud asked if I could come over and talk with the guy.

The guy was exonerated on the criminal side but the civil side was eating him alive. As we sat and talked over some very nice bourbon he explained the whole of the process to me and what he had been through in both cases and in round figures what it had cost him financially. The sum was staggering. He was "Almost " to the point where he was considering checking out to stop the pain. Not being a lawyer I opined that his estate might still have to defend itself but it would start all over again. I was kind of right. Well you should have seen the look on his face and how it changed as he processed the thought of his family still having to deal with it and deal with him being gone. A very long story short he turned the tables on the law firm prosecuting him and got most of his $$$ back but it got me thinking. I have NO PLAN if I am involved in a shooting and no back up.

I have nowhere near the means this man had and there is no way I could survive the onslaught of fees retainers etc that come with a civil suit. I am not fragile of constitution but I’m not sure I would have survived as well as he did and the toll on him was significant.

Knowing the laws and rules for the criminal fight are one thing but surviving what will surely be a civil suit “For my poor baby!” is not only financially taxing but you are forced to relive the event over and over and over. Lord help you if you EVER waiver from your original statement. Most folks don’t have enough money put aside to pay the deductible on their homeowners insurance, some don’t have enough on hand to cover a car deductible. Defending yourself in a court of law will blow through those numbers in the first week.

I hope @MikeBKY will chime in. It is a very stark reality that you will face if you have to use your firearm in self defense and dare I say it will be worse if the recipient survives.




You guys (@Craig6 and @William_H) bring up some excellent points to consider. The rules of engagement are far from uniform across the country. In many cases the rules favor the criminal element and they take full advantage of it. Knowing your options based on the rules for your location is as important as how fast you can deploy the old hand cannon and put rounds on target. This could mean there are places you no longer care to visit due to your risk assessment of no civil immunity in the use of justifiable deadly force.


There’s really nothing else I could add to this conversation. All I can say I believe on continuously going over & over all the lessons I’ve done in the past will keep me on my toes. The largest training point is mental awareness and split second decisions to not get into a bad situation.
Always on the search for new lessons. I have done training with other Firearm Safety Businesses and there are some slight differences on how one and the other teach doing certain things. I believe it’s best to know the differences, never know when you might need that style .


I agree on all points! Attorney fees can truly sink your boat, cars, house and even the treehouse in the back yard. With that in mind, the 2 most important things with respect to carrying a firearm are knowledge and resources.
Knowledge comes in many ways but, in most cases, it comes through training and practice. Training needs to include not only shooting skills and marksmanship, but education with respect to the laws of every place where you will potentially be carrying a weapon, how and when to use a weapon effectively and tactics in the use of defensive force and conflict avoidance.
Resources are not quite as simple. Most of us are not financially able to self insure ourselves against potential legal consequences from most actions. We carry homeowner’s, auto, business, and other types of insurance to protect our property and to protect us from claims by other against us. Most of us will also need similar protection if we are ever in a use of force encounter and a person is injured or killed.
USCCA helps each of us obtain both knowledge and resources.


Thank You for your help.