To Train or NOT to Train

Watch “Disturbing Legal Trend with Firearm Training”

Please, this is not a article for people to stop training
and it is Prevention for everyone.

All my training is USCCA without military and I do not wish for anyone to work hard to legally train for years with their firearms and if anyone has to go to court
for a Self Defense problem and the courts try to
Use your legal training against anyone.

Your safety and victory is very important.

Thank you


Nope, can’t watch (I tried), Nyet, nuh uh! Negative
As Warren Zevon once wrote: “Lawyers, Guns and Money”
Well, ‘two outta three ain’t bad’ by Meatloaf.
Train up folks, your life may depend on it !
Listening to these mouth pieces will get you killed.

‘Oh, your training may make you look bad to the S0cialist gubment…’
I’d rather be ALIVE defending myself in court than worrying about how
it MIGHT LOOK that I trained my A-- off and somebody is throwing dirt
on my face because I held back !
Pond Scum…actually gives pond scum a bad rep.

I see the point.

Training helps foster both safety and success, so is important.
A good agency will provide excellent training for its officers.
A responsibly armed citizen doesn’t want to spray the atmosphere with deadly lead.
My Sheriff, who issues the CCWs here, wants CCW holders to train often and hard.

I understand the lawyer’s issue as well. If one appears overly fixated on shooting, that’s legal ammunition for an anti 2A prosecutor, or plaintiff’s legal team in a civil suit to portray a defendant as an aggressor paying serious money just to learn how to kill. Will jurors believe you spent the equivalent of your car payment on training and ammo just to become a safer shot? With the high cost of ammunition and range time in my state (CA) it would be a simple matter to show how much you spend on just shooting as most everything having to do with firearms now is recorded and documented, overseen by the state DOJ which is hostile to the 2A…

Perhaps the solution is to train more covertly.
Also, paying cash may help reduce your shooting footprint.
An interesting topic.


This article was give information and alert anyone
that Trains; including me. I am not the bad guy
telling anyone to stop any training or being disrespectful.

The Attorneys in video explain the Laws, any written
documents, and illegal gun laws that Anti Gun may place
on innocent people. This is only to bring awareness,
not to upset anyone.

Former Prosecuting Attorneys, like Tom Grieve (USCCA)
help many people to understand, they do not destroy.

No disrespect.

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I agree that information, suggestions, other peoples point of view etc. is healthy.
Knowledge is good. FOR ME my Brother, FOR ME alone I cannot stomach lawyers.
I have had bad experiences w/ them. The ones I ran into were self serving, hour billing
punks. As I stated in another post a while back I have (3) USCCA LAWYERS (the REAL DEAL)
on my phone (one of them will be the 1st phone call if I am ever in a shoot). I even wrote them each an e-mail informing them of who I am, what I am about, where I live,contact information etc.
I did this because I didn’t want them coming in blind after the call from me, or ignoring my
call because they didn’t recognize my number. All (3) responded w/ great e-mails.
I joined USCCA because FOR ME they are the real deal, NOT Law Shield or others my local
range pushes on everybody. I got past my de-stain for lawyers because like any other group
they are not all bad. I just have a mental block I had to get past.
Some of my major faults is I am a stubborn, opinionated A–hole. I get a ‘block’ and Brother,
you don’t want to be around me until I break through that barrier. One of my strengths is I DO
break through that block (usually) because I HAVE TO! I know this about me. Any negative energies
takes my focus off what is really important to my health (mental/physical) so I work on me
when something is impacting my quality of life.
William H, You are not the bad Guy. Never said you were. I just stated FOR Me (the above).
You brought up a topic and I responded. Maybe not the most eloquently but with MY TRUTH.
MY TRUTH has kept me alive all these years and it works for ME.
This whole situation that we are dealing with is INSANE. Some people ‘out there’ are truly EVIL,
and when the furr stops flying and the dust settles and it takes an army of lawyers to straighten this out so be it. Until then I am going into this like I have my entire career. FULL BORE.
If anybody knows me here by now they understand I am a natural warfighter, a WARRIOR (to the core).
Anybody (lawyer/politician…don’t get me started) that looks at my record will clearly see that I have been in the protection racket since I was (19 years old) in some form or another (40 YEARS!). I have be JUDGED many times already by people that never met me. Sometimes it was to their peril. I am NOT an idiot with a gun. I am in this fight with both feet. 2A, Bill of rights, Constitution, Don’t F— with me!
I have survived sh-- many people MY BROTHERS-IN-ARMS included haven’t, It changed me. How could it not?. Another ‘fault’ is I don’t like people telling me what to do (when they go off and do whatever the hell they want, and try to infringe on my rights and my people I love. That is a good way to put their face on a target in my mind. It’s unhealthy for them.
All the stuff I say here I think about before I write it (usually) . I KNOW it’s on the record and can be accessed if anything happens and somebody does ‘due diligence’ and looks up any of this. I don’t care.
I live by my own code and I don’t break that code EVER. If I go down I will go down my way, and I won’t care what others say about me ‘after’ because I will be home with GOD. This will be just another nightmare I will have had. I’ve got plenty of nightmares at times so what’s one more.
Memorial day weekend brings some Warriors down , some other days/weekends affect us also. I call them ‘Trigger days’. This is not one of them FOR ME. I get ANGRY. I get angry at the ‘people in power’ who can just send people into HARM’S WAY willy-nilly for their own agenda’s. Sometimes just for kicks. And the chief idiot (for now) is one of the worst offenders EVER. Very soon it will be time to
“Unleash the DOGS of WAR !” and the other side will be shocked at the veracity of that action. We will not stop until the EVIL has been vanquished. You push and push on a people until we have HAD ENOUGH and we will respond in a fashion they have never dreamed possible. They think the ‘Alphabets’ they have in their kennel scare us. Brother they have NO friggin’ idea what scared is, but they will. this is not just an action where two groups have a difference of opinion. This is GOOD vs. EVIL. This is for all the marbles. And most just don’t get it! They don’t understand THIS SH-- is what happened to the Jewish People in the 1940’s. One group of despots tries to eradicate another group for whatever reason in their diseased little souls and the Jews went to their deaths like sheep. If anybody pays the slightest bit of attention to what we are saying here, looks at the sheer numbers of guns being sold the last (48) months @ over a million+ a month some people should be concerned. But the sad fact is they aren’t. They continue to push and push and push until they think we will break. WARRIORS (even us old ones will NOT break). We will fight.
A very honorable man ‘Courageous Lion’ say’s We just want to be left alone. but the other side will not leave us alone. Just let me live my life, but they Infringe, they enact the most ILLEGAL Constitution killing Bills, threaten US. And they think by sending some BLACK HATs against we will be so scared that we will surrender. FAT CHANCE Brother. Surrender is not in our Creed. We have ‘fields’ of headstones in every states and some countries over seas filled to capacity because good men and women fought against evil. Well now the evil is home grown. These people are the domestic terrorists they claim we are.
Most people today know something is fu–ed up but unwilling to ‘see it’ much less do anything about it. We are ready.
We are just waiting for that line in the sand to be crossed and Brother their foot is in the air already and that shadow has crossed over to the other side. Do I want this? Do I relish the opportunity to get in the sh-- again? Hell No. But the 40+ MILLION of us that are armed today are ready. Some will not/Can’t fight.
But a lot of us have run TOWARDS the Gun fire and will do so again. I personally will hobble, but I’ll get there faster than most because I want this to end quickly. Shock and Awe 2023 style. The Invading army they let in are already here. Set up by them in Wellness hotels WE PAID FOR. They are waiting also.
I like our chances.
Our Brothers and Sisters didn’t die for US to just roll over and become the next victims. Every headstone is planted by somebody that said ENOUGH!
Be safe, be aware, be vigilant.
The enemy is at the gate (hell they are already here).
Don’t take SH-- from anybody.

Peace Out.
Don Isaksen (don102)


Well, being as how the training may be what saves my or my family’s life, I will continue.
Yes, sleazeball lawyers will use anything and everything against you.
I would hope my defense lawyer could provide a proper defense against the “training” angle.


I suppose people could live their lives worrying about what MIGHT be said about them and their training in a court proceeding that MIGHT be brought against them and how the trier of fact MIGHT react to that training. Speculation on top of speculation.


Training is good.

Clickbait titles are bad.

Get more training.

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Well said to everyone and well done. We all have experiences good and bad and your thoughts can
strengthen others.

I have 12 long years in Civil Court, and it gets long and hard to forget. I am the innocent party.

Please continue to train and that is the best thing to
do. Safety and victory to everyone.

Thank you!


IMO (never humble) I would rather be well trained than a bumbling fool.

That being said I want two things. To be able to justify my actions based on the circumstances and a lawyer who can counter any foolishness by the prosecutor.


Proudly declaring you have no training as an excuse for why you ND’d into the floor and the ricochet hit a child probably won’t go over very well


Notice that the video starts with a “global trend” mostly about law enforcement. Then they try to tie it in to some mythical cases. When experts are dying for content to keep their internet pretense alive they will hang to the slimmest of straws just to get eyeballs.

First off if you have an attorney worth $.50 this is the way it goes:

Prosecutor: “I’d like to introduce the accused “extensive firearms training as evidence of his predisposed propensity to violence.”

My attorney, at this point will point out that operating a car is a far more deadly endeavor than carrying a firearm and have all the statistics to prove, and that the STATE a requires training for both!!! Then he’ll point out that training for any endeavor does not create a proclivity to criminal behavior, otherwise every military service person, active duty and retired, and police officer out there would be considered a potential murderer by the legal system. And then he’ll also point out that this information is not material to the case.”

If the judge allows it you have now excellent grounds for a mistrial or appeal.

Folks, when my wife was diagnosed with Cancer her case was taken on by a team of 4 of the best oncologists from one of the finest Hospitals in the country. The first thing the lead doctor (Head of his department) told her, listen to ME and get off the freaking internet. I will get you through this. 6 years later she is cancer free and officially discharged from the program.

Have a great lawyer on speed dial, then call YOUR lawyer and discuss this with them if you really are worried, after they are done laughing…


Well said. I would rather have my attorney arguing that my training makes me more responsible and safe, rather than a prosecutor arguing that I was negligent and reckless because I chose to carry a firearm without proper training.

In any case, I would FEEL and BE irresponsible and negligent should I be going around with a firearm and no training, so the point is moot. I train.


I agree with you, however, this comes to mind:


Brother @George98 there is no way any of us can properly prepare for the stupidity of some elected officials. All we can do is hope and pray that one of them is never against us, and vote like your life depends on it, because it does.


Thanks for illustrating the actual problem with the internet so well…

What she ACTUALLY SAID was:
“The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq war, it’s not clear how the seller or transfer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member or veteran and that there were no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this. So, you know, I would be happy to sit down with you again and see if we can work something out but I think we have to - if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally, don’t have access to this kind of weapon.”

PLEASE DO NOT LET MEMES be your main education on any subject…

BUT, even if she did, there will always be someone in government that has fringe ideas and they do not deserve the attention most of us and the media give them. They are the reason why we have 100 Senators and over 200 Representatives PLUS multiple layers of courts, so we have sanity checks against activists everywhere.


Thank you very much !

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Feinstein: " All vets are mentally ill…"

Pot–Kettle ??? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Oops! disregard! thank you Enzo, JMAAOM!
(just made an ass of myself!)

Just because she didn’t actually say it doesn’t mean she doesn’t actually think it. A lot of the anti self defense folks seem to work under the assumption that all gun owners are psychopaths or otherwise sick in the head.:crazy_face:


Yes Sir, I agree

I just don’t like firing off an e-mail like that without having the facts.
“Franken Fienstein” is so out of it ! Just like Lurch Fetterbrain and
Joe robbie Byden! and they keep these people in play!
The political world makes NO SENSE today…
Hell, the world makes no sense these day’s
Is it too much to ask for our remaining years on this planet
to just peacefully co-exist?
My friends are Vet’s, A lot of You guy’s are Vet’s
You make sense (mostly ), You bring order and civility to the world.
You have character,Honor and TRUTH to this world.
This planet is a GREAT place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here ;c)

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