To Train or NOT to Train

Just train, you dont have to worry about court if you dont survive the confrontation to begin with. Lawyers are the kings of armchair quarterbacking. They get months to pick apart a decission you were forced to make in seconds, at max.

If anyone asks why you “didnt shoot them in the limb” feel free to show them any number of security videos of shootings where armed suspects will be hit multiple times and not stop, regularly in limbs, arms, hell, ive even seen a dude take a neck shot from a .357 at point blank, arterial spray and all for 20+ seconds before he becomes a noncombatant. In that time frame he managed to get off another 7 or 8 shots, which in the end critically wounded the guard as well. All while he was spraying a stream of blood a 1/4 thick 4’ out of his neck.