Welcome to 2021! Please take a moment

Welcome to 2021!

We’ve got the first dozen days of the new year under our belt - and they’ve definitely been eventful! The beginning of a year is always a great time to review the past and plan for the future, this year is no exception.

Please take a moment to review the Community Guidelines which has some dos and don’ts for the Community including, but not limited to:

  • SHARE your experiences and ask questions;
  • ASK questions when you’re not sure what someone means;
  • SHARE links to resources and reference material;
  • START new threads about new topics related to self-defense and protection;
  • DO NOT post content that is libelous, disparaging, hateful, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory;
  • DO NOT encourage illegal behavior or make illegal behavior references;
  • DO NOT post comments to incite or encourage violence

Plan ahead when you’re posting!

  • DO search for similar topics by using the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (or in the menu on mobile) before posting a new topic. There may be other threads that are covering the same topic (where to find ammo, best carry ammo, etc.).

  • DO tag people in your response to them and use the white/blue Reply button under their comment to reply directly to that comment.

  • DO flag comments that need an official response from the USCCA or are outside of the Community Guidelines to help us keep this a productive environment for all who want to learn how to protect themselves and their families.

  • DO share your experiences, but remember, this is an open Community platform and can be seen by all.

  • DO NOT share personal contact information or make comments that could be used against you in court if you ever have to legally defend your physical self-defense actions.

If you have questions, please give the moderators (@Moderators) a shout through a private message or tag the moderators in a thread where appropriate.

Have a happy and safe New Year!