Conceal carry and dating

Lose the word chick…

I started dating my future wife on the 4th of July, early on, I asked if she was at least 2A friendly. While she said yes, she also said she had never shot one and always wanted to try. Didn’t talk about it too much, carried on all our dates, concealed, she suspected but could never really tell.

Early on, she asked if I could not carry in her apartment (converted basement of her sisters and her family’s house) due to basic concerns about the kids. That request ended soon as she became used to me carrying.

Told her why I carry, she understood.

More and more she is comfortable around firearms, still some more work to go.

I don’t talk guns much with her, many other things to talk about.

Best not to force it… Don’t over message, say good morning and evening, ask about her day, take interest in her, slow down and go from there. If you have a range day planned, in a casual conversation, let her know and give a simple invite and leave it at that.

Either it will go somewhere or it won’t.


Think about all the things people conceal when they start dating someone new. Why should the thing you actively conceal every day be any different?

As people get to know each other, those secrets start coming out, and by then they don’t really matter.


I’ll never forget the one woman who asked me if it was okay that she carried!

Man, I thought she might be the one but…
The first date went sideways.

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