Companies that are PRO-Second Amendment

We already have a topic about companies that are against firearms (What companies are for gun control?) and a lot of us have used that topic to help us decide where to spend our money.

In that topic, Wells Fargo was mentioned as being a pro-Second Amendment bank. Here’s a quote from their CFO John Shrewsberry:

Wells Fargo is engaging our customers that legally manufacture firearms and other stakeholders on what we can do together to promote better gun safety in our communities.

Let’s make a list of the companies we want to support!

What companies do you know are PRO-Second Amendment?


I live in Arizona. And I do carry every day. and I’ve had no problems with any of the Wells Fargo branches that I’ve gone into. I also haven’t had any issues with Walgreen’s Drug Stores, Fry’s Food Stores which are part of Kroger, Safeway food Stores, Burger King’s, Jack in the Box, Popeye’s, and Arby’s just to name a few. but this also might be for the fact that Arizona is also a CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATE TOO.


I carry daily. Walmart, Arby’s, KFC, have all been accepting of firearms. Missouri is a constitutional carry state also. Honestly, I have a service dog and I get more grief when she’s with me than I do for carrying.


Well Dawn Yes I really like Wells Fargo bank; Besides being a good bank in my opinion I have never had a problem with this bank not one time ever. They had some problems earlier but that was much before I was a customer there. I have been there since January 2017. I get my pension check directly deposited into my account there.
Also USAA Federal Bank is very Gun friendly as much as being Military and former Military. I also have never had a problem with there in my accounts except for adding a name into my account because I’m in Illinois and they are not so it’s an Internet bank to me but they’re highly, highly Security conscious and if I need Money it cost $4 to use a guest bank which the beginning of the month they refund ATM Fee(s) back into my account. I recommend Both banks. And I think but not exactly sure how it works but I think nowadays you need not be a veteran or active Military to have an account with USAA FEDERAL. I also have money directly deposited in USAA and never had a problem.


Still planning on carrying/shopping at Walmart, @Michael7 after their announcement yesterday? Walmart to end sales of handgun ammo and not allow O/C in stores

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I appreciate companies that are pro 2a,but I am wondering if we shouldn’t be suing companies that are actively engaged in opposing the 2a as seditious and subversive? I’m not saying you have to support 2a,but if you fight against it,in a non constitutional challenge,or congressional challenge are you destroying the base of the country and her fabric? If yes,should the company be sued. Just for laughs let’s get the ACLU to sue under some discrimination clause,and if they don’t,let’s give them some lumps on the head​:sunflower::smile::smiley::grinning::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::roll_eyes::smirk::smirk::triumph::triumph::triumph::innocent::innocent::innocent::heart::heart:

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Remember, the Second Amendment isn’t to protect us from a business that doesn’t want us to carry on their propoerty as much as it is to protect us from the government taking away our rights.

Mike posted that in the Walgreens joins businesses asking customers not to openly carry weapons in thread. It’s a great reminder to us all what the intent of the Second Amendment is.

This is a great topic. There was an article posted over on the instructor page on FB that needs to be shared here.

Hornady is a fantastic company that has quietly done more to support us over the years than most people would imagine.

With my custom long range, predator, and varmint hunting I’ve been on a first name basis with many of the development, reloading and engineers there for more than 25 years.

Here is an interview from recoil magazine about Hornady and why they cut ties with Walmart a dozen or so years back.

Great people, great ammo and well worth the read. I encourage anyone shooting to support this company.

Here’s a site that helps track this.