Do politics affect where you shop?

A lot of companies have come out as anti-carry and even anti-2A in the last year and a bunch of companies have shown their support for the Second Amendment.

Does a company’s political views affect if you’ll do business with them?

  • I won’t do business with Anti-2A companies
  • It depends on the company
  • I respect the company’s rights to their view and it doesn’t change who I do business with
  • Other? Please explain below

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To me it depends on the company. Those that are very vocal about it I will not patronize, i.e. Dick’s and Levi’s. Others that have a company policy against firearms but choose not to properly post as required by law, like Panera and BWW, I don’t care.


I don’t care about a company’s political views, but I do care about how they exercise them. My opinion is pretty much the same as @MikeBKY. If a company is anti-2A and is posted as a no-gun zone, I won’t patronize that business. If they aren’t posted, I don’t care.


Gotta agree with the other Mike’s. If the company is in your face about it I just avoid them. Fortunately in my area most places are neutral or lean towards 2A.


Agreed with above. An activist company doesn’t get my dollars. A lip service company I’ll take on a case by case basis. It would also depend on how badly I need what the company sells and if I can get it somewhere else.


I pretty much agree with the above. I tend to avoid vocal anti (whatever I like) and try to patronize vocal pro (whatever I like).

I don’t get why people want to put politics in their business. I get gun shops, and maybe certain coffee shops… :grin:

But when I am at work, I deal with a variety of pro gun, anti gun, liberal, and conservative. I am in the green party at work, I am there to make money.


I dont shop at places that are anti 2A. Saying don’t carry one way or another, to me, is different than saying no guns. If you donate to gun control advocates, I avoid that business like the plague.


Everybody has good thoughts on this one and I almost clicked “depend on business” nooo what happens to me at kroger and walmarts policy itself has lost my business.

When I was explaining the situation to corporate they were begging me to come back just with concealed but I was called racial terms and they knew like I said in the beginning my family spend 10,000 a year in kroger and she confirmed it being close to what I said. It was so serious i was on the phone with the director of the chain.


All of the places that I personally do business with, welcome gun owners. I try very hard to not deal with national chains except for one and that’s only for my cars service.

So I support those businesses who support the causes I support or at least remain neutral.


It depends on the company. I can boycott some things, but, others are a little tougher. I can’t get all my groceries at Sav-A-Lot, that leaves Walmart and Kroger. I, like Merrell shoes, but, it’s hard to convince a 10 year old that politics is why he can’t have high top Nike shoes like all the other kids. I didn’t like Levi’s anyway, and Dick’s is overpriced. I do, try to support Pro-2A groups as much as I can.


I chose it depends on the company and other…because it depends on the company’s stance that they are taking as well. I also respect a company’s freedom to support whatever positions they want to support (however that does not mean I will continue to support them).

I haven’t shopped a Dick’s in over a couple years now…I avoid Starbucks except on very rare occasions…Walmart I continue to shop…CVS is interesting…despite all of the dustup on their position earlier this year…I have yet to see a “no carry” sign posted on their doors yet so I keep shopping (and carrying) there.


There are a lot of policies, politics, etc. that conflict with my personal beliefs at different institutions. I believe that politics and business should remain separate. Additionally, sometimes I don’t have the finances, time, or location to strictly adhere to shopping at businesses which fit my personal beliefs. For example, I make an effort to buy “American”, but considering outsourcing, foreign companies with American factories, or even just limited availability or increased price (and sometimes even quality) sometimes means I will compromise.

However, generally speaking, if I see the required signage for a gun-free zone, I shop some place else.


I will add to my answer, I only go to gun free or no carry places when I have to. Like the occasional trip to a post office, school, government building. I don’t shop in stores with no carry signs, unless I absolutely have no other option.


Yeah, I find myself always at the post office.

I’ll just lock it up in the glove box…

Don’t freak out guys, Louisiana law makes it clear that your car is an asset to your home.



Your from Ruston Louisiana aren’t you?

If so, we should link up sometime and hit some range time!

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You realize that LA law does not apply in the post office parking lot!


No, I did not!

@MikeBKY, I would get in trouble for locking my gun in my car when it’s an asset to my home?



Wow! It’s better to know now…

I can’t believe I’ve been breaking the law…
I feel like a dirty criminal :grimacing:


While ignorance isn’t a defense (I think @MikeBKY may have said that in another thread), you didn’t know. Now that you do know, you’ll follow the details you didn’t know.

I think that’s a huge thing that people miss, if we don’t know the details we can’t do the right thing. That’s part of why we’re all here - to learn so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones.

I do all of my mailing through the USPS online portal so I don’t have to visit the Post Office. :smiley:


I must go to the post office from time to time. When I do, I park on the street (city property) not the parking lot (federal property) and lock my weapon in the car.