Walgreens joins businesses asking customers not to openly carry weapons in


My wife is a Walgreens employee. And I guess that she’ll find out today when she goes to work. And I go in all of the time with my gun. But now I guess that from now on I won’t be able to carry my 1911. Because that one I only open carry. And that it’ll have to be my LCS9 because that I can carry concealed. And do most of the time.


I have just spent the last 20 minutes trying to send an email to Walgreens corporates office and all it get is an endless loop without the ability to send the email.

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They have a form for you to use to contact their corporate office:


(I am not saying everyone should, just helping out @DBrogue with how to contact them)



That is the form I have been trying to use. At one point you have to identify a store to move forward. Once you click on the store it takes you into a loop and never to a spot where you can send the email.

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Here’s an email for their media people: media@walgreens.com

The other option is to take it to Facebook Private Messages, their public Facebook page or Twitter profile.


Thank you


If you would like to contact the CEO, his name is Stefano Pessina. Don’t expect much. Walgreens is based in Deerfield Illinois, and doesn’t trust its employees with guns, or pocket knives.


For all those who think I am crazy, my point is not about open carry verses conceded carry.

My point in writing all these cooperate offices is to point out, this is infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

I know I can still conceal carry in these stores, my point is I should still have the option where it is legal to open carry.

Remember hearing about the slippery slope? Well this is where I have decided to dig my heals in and stop sliding. Do I honestly think my email will change their new found politically correct policy? No, I don’t, but what I do hope it will do is give them something to think about before they make their next step which will be to make their stores gun free zones.

My not spending money in their stores will not be noticed in their bottom line, but I will know and I will know I did what I could to stand up and be counted when another step has been taken to chisel away at OUR rights!

End of rant for now (I have not put the soap box way yet).

Don Gable


You can also contact your Congress person and Representative:





Thank you for those links it made it so much faster than me doing the searching for them.


Deerfield is the Chicago ‘Burb that last year their council members wanted a turn-in enmasse of AR15’s. Honestly I think they received 1 or 2 but Illinois State Rifle Association got an injunction against the proposed law presently I think the village people dropped their original banning of the AR15/AK47 wish list because I have not heard anything in a very long time.


I just posted this using the link you provided:

In my opinion, your corporate decision to discourage open carry of firearms in your stores is counterproductive especially in a state where open carry is common.

Think about it logically. If someone enters one of your stores with the intent of causing harm to your customers and employees, and they see one or more armed individuals, they are less likely to proceed with whatever plan they entered the store with. On the other hand, if they believe they will face no resistance there is nothing to deter them.


CVS is reported to have included themselves in the Companies requesting CC if at all on their premises. Citation was one of the three Evening News broadcasts tonight.

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It’s very sad to see how our country is handling this situation. It’s only hurting the actual law abiding citizens risking it all to protect themselves as well as strangers around them. And Unfortunately, no matter what businesses or stores join in on this stupid and ridiculous ban, it sadly will not stop the idiots/psychos from targeting their stores any less.


@Reloader54 I’d be interested to see what they are told.

Walgreens AND Cvs? I’m going to ge out of drug store options altogether :angry:
I have a bunch of emails to write this weekend.

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Ok, I’ll play devil’s advocate here……

They (CVS, Walgreens, et al) are not the Government so there is no violation of 2nd amendment rights (Constitution only speaks to what Gov’t agencies can/can’t do, legislation regulate all other parties). Private businesses can decide how they want to operate and that includes whether they want their customers to carry openly. Think “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”

The businesses are doing this not because they are pro or anti 2A…they’re doing it because they’re pro profit and as such by making this request they are

  1) virtue signally to all the anti-gunners out there that they are taking a stand enough to be     seen as positive in their eyes while at the same time not so extreme as to upset a significant number of the pro 2A community.

  2) probably most importantly they are positioning themselves for a defense for when the landslide of lawsuits begin to roll in from our highly litigious society.

Regarding a bad guy coming into the store and seeing someone open carrying and being deterred…maybe…or did that individual just become victim #1…you can’t draw from the drop (well you can but you’ll most likely lose)

(generalization alert/acknowledgement/disclaimer)
Is it really unreasonable for a business that cater’s to sickly and elderly customers already in a “fragile/delicate” state to dress in a manner that does not potentially push them to having a medical episode? No KISS make-up, no ski-masks, no open carry……

Of course the jack leg in MO, who walked into the Walmart geared up like he was getting ready to stand a watch or run a patrol a day after the El Paso shooter didn’t help things…it’s because of people like him that we can’t have nice things…….

Just some food for thought…:thinking:


You make fabulous points, @JamesR. We want to protect everyone’s right to decide for themselves (including business owners).

I see both sides of this situation and love that you expressed the “other side” so well as devil’s advocate, @JamesR!


I think we need a national law, like Tennessee. If a company has a no gun sign, that is their right. In doing so, they are assuming responsibility for the safety of those in their facility.