Man banned from Walmart for open carrying a gun

A man was banned from Walmart for life while open carrying a gun into the store.

While police have not filed any charges against the man, a Lexington, Kentucky Walmart has made him sign a statement that he is aware of his nationwide ban at all Walmart locations.

Someone had called police to say that an armed man was inside the store and was acting suspiciously. According to that suspicious man, he was sitting in a lawn chair by the firearms counter waiting for help.

So I few things here is sitting in a chair suspicious activity?

Is Walmart justified in banning this man for carrying a gun openly?

Walmart did not ban guns from the store just open carry, wouldn’t have been easier to just conceal carry and avoid the situation?

I’m interested to hear you thoughts. I will be reading some of them on the American Gun show podcast.



The man was foolish to open carry in a Walmart, knowing that they do not want anyone doing so and have made that policy known far and wide.

The person who reported him for “suspicious activity” likely considers the state of being armed in public as suspicious.

A lifetime ban seems a bit extreme, more of a “virtue signal” than a just response to the infraction. A temporary ban with the threat of a lifetime ban for a second offence seems more reasonable.

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Being banned from Walmart for life is like giving gold to a thief. How could that possibly be a bad thing?


many states allow open carry of firearms without a permit but a ccw is required for concealed carry,Wal mart has been the target of several mass shootings, they could NOT protect these customers from these attacks so they prohibit open carry of fire arms so that its law abiding customers that quite possibly don’t have ccw’s cant protect themselves, besides the open presents of firearms could very likely discourage these mass attacks, I’m boycotting Walmart & any other stores that have similar anti gun policies, I encourage other firearm & 2nd amendment advocates to do the same!

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There really isn’t enough information in the original post for me to form an informed opinion on the event, but it does raise some questions.

What happened to Walmart’s corporate statement saying they would address incidents of open carry in a non-confrontational manner? Did a store manager ask the gentlemen to leave the store of did they just call the police and let them handle it?

As for the ban from all Walmart stores nationwide, does a local store even have that authority? Shouldn’t that come from corporate? If it was me, I never would have signed the document.

I am not going to criticize any one who decides to boycott Walmart based on their principles. However, if every responsibly armed American who carries regularly, open or concealed, boycotted Walmart it would have little if any financial impact on the company. There just isn’t enough of us as a percentage of their total customers to make a difference.


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Is this the same guy from the thread I started? (Walmart What are you thinking?)

If so that happened before Walmart came out and said no more OC in our stores.


I read about this on another page. It isn’t the whole story. After watching the video, I was appalled at how the officers handled it. The officer who did all the talking, is obviously not on our side, and would be the type they send to enact a gun confiscation.


I live in Arizona, the department of public safety has issued over 300,000 ccw permits in the state of Az you don’t need a ccw to carry a concealed weapon, I estimate there are at least twice that amount that carry firearms if 1 million people boycotted the store I would think that would make a difference!

Besides there are states were you can carry open with out a permit but you can’t carry concealed with out a permit. Since Walmart failed to protect its customers from those mass shootings it is now taking away these persons ability to protect themselves!

No one is allowed to carry a firearm on public school property, it hasn’t stopped those mass shootings!

So even if the boycott doesn’t help I refuse to spend money at any retail outlet with an anti firearm policy!

If you check Amazon is kicking Walmart butt that caused the to come up with new ways to do business so I guess Amazon is going to get the couple of 100 dollars I used to spend a Walmart!


see that’s one configuration I hadn’t considered, and I think it’s pretty important.

There’s lots of “so what, just carry concealed instead”… but for the folks in the situation you list, Walmart has effectively posted the “no firearms” sign… they have no option to carry. That’s a different ballgame.

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The way I’m reading these statements by these companies I’m half wondering if they’re giving blanket permission to concealed carry on their premises. In some states permission from the “property owner” supercedes law. (Such as requiring a CPL. In Michigan the laws all reference permission and employment as exemptions).

I was wrong about permission superceding law, your own property and employment are it.


There is a bill before congress now to allow the victims of crime in a Gun Free Zone to have a legal right to sue the company or owners for not providing them with adequate safety.


That could change the complexion of things.


Why open carry? It makes no sense. It will either scare people or will make you the number #1 target if a person with bad intent sees you. The only constructive reason to carry is to protect lives. So do it properly and legally conceal it. Further, to open carry knowing that doing so was banned by the store’s owner gives all of us, as responsibly armed citizens a bad reputation.


There are several reasons to OC, see @Craig6 's post above (some States allow for OC without a permit, while requiring a permit for CC, some people don’t want to go through the process of getting a permit due to a variety of reasons).

There are also physical reasons why some people choose to OC vs CC.

This is where we as a community need to be supportive of each other otherwise we’ll end up being defeated because we’re too busy fighting against or own interests.

E.g. Why would anyone need a magazine with over 10rds? We as responsible gun owners should support such common sense gun control………same with AR-15’s…no one NEEDS an AR-15…we should support those bans as well…poppy cock, I don’t know how many rounds it’s going to take someone to protect themselves in whatever circumstances they find themselves in or what kind of platform they will need. The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to be armed and to have those arms on us. As long as we’re being safe and are not threatening about it and not violating laws (actual laws not “business policies”) we should be left in peace.

My two cents.


In some states, open carry is legal, and concealed is only legal over 21. 18-20 and 11 months, don’t have concealed as an option. Does that mean they should be defenseless?


@WisconsinWill there are some pretty good lively discussions on here about why some folks choose open carry, and I find myself repeating the same stuff a lot.

Rather than do that again, I’ll just point you to a discussion of why do it here:


In Louisiana, Open carry is legal without a permit. While I have a concealed carry permit, I sometimes choose to open carry. In the case of the guy being banned from Walmart, 2 things come up. 1) Someone called the police. This is basically because of fear of guns or they just don’t like people who have guns. The guy did nothing wrong, even the cops admitted that. 2) Walmart’s statement, They respectfully request you not to open carry. A request is something that can be accepted or denied. Walmart has not said no open carry, or no guns allow. I went into my local Walmart open carrying. I was approached and I was requested to take my gun out to my vehicle. My answer was if you are giving me a choice, my answer is no. I do not shop at stores where I cannot carry. If you are telling me I must take the gun outside or leave, I will comply, but don’t expect me to come back in and buy this buggy full of stuff. I will take my business elsewhere. The lady that approached me said she would have to get further instructions from management, and would let me know. I continued shopping and no one else said anything to me. The bottom line is Walmart is trying to please both sides of the fence, which is almost impossible. Walmart at some point will have to decide how they will stand on this. At the same time while I was in the store, I did see two other people open carrying. I do not know if anyone said anything to them.


It is my understanding that Walmart called the police on that man, if you watched the video the man kept asking if he could pay for the idems he had already selected, it didn’t seem as though they were going to let him, then he just wanted to pay for the drink he took! I under stood that they banned him from the store.


Walmart is free to ban anyone from their stores for any reason as long as they aren’t illegally discriminating.

This is the stand they wish to take and it’s up to us to make them pay for it.

There was absolutely nothing to justify the “suspicious man with a gun call”, it’s representative of everything that is wrong today and particularly with Red Flag Laws.


It makes perfect sense for many of us in many circumstances. I have nothing to hide and it is a strong deterrent to criminals.