Rural King Supports 2nd Amendment!

Nice to see that someone is not only on our side, but willing to come out and say so.


This is awesome!


While I dont have a Rule King in my area I will email the company thanking them for supporting the 2A. I recommend everyone do the same.


I can’t find an email address for them, but here is their facebook page, @Michael7 :


RK is hosting Ruger Days Sept 3-14 as well.


Ok…devil’s advocate here again (or maybe just extreme pessimist)…….

Are they just pandering to 2A supporters in light of other businesses making the opposite decision in a hope to gain market share?

I noticed they didn’t invite customers to “open carry” in their stores either, simply that they would continue selling firearms (and I assume ammo) in their stores.

Just sayin………

(Disclaimer - I’m biased here - Rural King is great, they have a monthly community hotdog sale/event where any not-for-profit org can sign up and cook hotdogs that RK purchases, on equipment RK has and the group can raise funds “selling” or asking for donations as they give away the hotdogs…my Scout Troop has partnered with them a few times and they are a class organization).


It is good to see RK put themselves on the record and I hope they do gain market share, but it can be a double edged sword… Remember when K-Mart and their spokesperson Rosie O’Donnel (sp?) came out against guns and Wal-Mart played to the gun crowd? Remember the all the b&w photos of Sam Walton and his dog (Ole Roy) hunting quail? Now we see how much Wal-Mart’s word is worth, they will go which ever way the wind is blowing at the moment. More often than not companies that have been on both sides of and issue are trusted by neither side, Wal-Mart has damaged their brand with gun owners and will pay the price in sales.


I am willing to take Rural King at their word until they give me a reason not to.

Yes, their statement can be taken as a call-out to Wal-Mart customers to gain their firearm business as well as a statement of company policy. But then, anything a business says publicly can be seen as pandering to generate sales. It called advertising; it’s what they do.


I emailed their corporate office to express my thanks for their support of the 2A. I also opened an online account with them and I will spend my sporting goods $ there from today forward. Can I 100% avoid Walmart and Walgreens? Probably not. I live in a small town and choices are limited. However, I spend a considerable amount on ammo and other shooting related gear and from now on, I’ll spend it at Rural King. I also sent emails to both Missouri Senators expressing my views on RedFlag laws and other 2A issues. I’ll email my congressman tonight. Folks, either we fight now or we lose. I hope we choose to fight.


I wish we had a Rural King in my area of PA. I would certainly give them my business. I’m going to follow michael7 lead and email or Facebook them with my appreciation.


Now how is it a Company like Rural King doesn’t have one store front in the entire state of Georgia… Tenn, North Carolina, Florida… yep, Alabama!
“It’s inconceivable!”

(“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.” I.M. )<

(I had South Carolina on the list at first. Honestly thought NC was right there with SC but nope! As @David38 notes below Rural King is in a whole lot of other states. Just haven’t found their way to Georgia yet and I was feeling left out. )

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Rural King is headquartered out of Matoon, IL. They have been slowly expanding out from there.
4 stores in TN: Clarksville, Maryville, Morristown, Sweetwater

3 in AL: Dothan, Huntsville, Muscle Shoals

7 in FL: Bonita Springs, Gainesville, Lake Wales, Leesburg, Ocala, Spring Hill, Zephyrhills.

1 in NC: Morganton

Nothing yet in GA or SC.


Sorry; I may have misread your post.:flushed:

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Nope, you got it right; I saw a Carolina… and somehow it became another State bordering Georgia. My bad, going to correct it now. Oh, and Thx!

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Excellent plan, going to do so also.


That’s great i wish there was one in WV


@Bryan5, there are several Rural King locations in WV.

Beckley, Bluefield, Cross Lanes, and Parkersburg.

Hope one is near you!


found this on Tractor Supply Company, so they’re good too.

Good Afternoon (2ACheck),
Thank you for contacting Tractor Supply Company. Tractor Supply as a company follows any state, county, or city regulations regarding open and/or concealed carry permits for customers. At Tractor Supply Company we take the individual rights, as well as the personal safety of our Team Members very seriously. Team Members are prohibited from possessing of firearms or other weapons on Tractor Supply Company property, including parking lots, unless specifically permitted in accordance with state law. For more information please contact your local store or customer service. Customer Service hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 8am to 7pm CST.
Thank You! Have a Great Day!
Customer Resolution Team Member
Tractor Supply Co.


No I’m in Morgantown Parkersburg probably be the closest one

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I am pretty sure that you can believe what Rural King says in their statement. The RK stores that I have been in have huge selections of firearms, ammunition, hunting gear…and at very competitive prices. They are truly a RURAL store… work boots, jeans/ workwear, safety gears, tools, hardware, etc. :+1:t2::us: