Collapsible gun for back up?


Ok so I was watching Kevin’s SHOT show video and saw the collapsible pistol from Full Conceal. My first thoughts are amazing backup gun. But I wanted to hear other people’s concerns and thoughts about the gun.

For reference:

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I dunno Luke, I don’t think this is for me bud. Just my opinion for my own personal preference.


That’s fine. I figured that a lot of people would not prefer it. Just looking for people’s concerns, thoughts and likes/dislikes and such.


I haven’t looked into this at all, so I’m not sure what they are saying its good for. But as a backup gun, it just seem that it would take time away from a very time sensitive situation. Trying to put a gun together in a stressful situation seems like it could be tough. This is just my opinion Luke, Im sure there are many folks out there that find it to be advantageous.


Yeah I hear what you’re saying. Now I saw this when Kevin Michelowsky was at the SHOT show and the USCCA shared it on FB. That’s why I brought it up. Seemed nice at least to me.


@Dawn here’s the link you requested:

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Cool! Thanks! I hadn’t watched that one yet. I was looking at the longer one on the USCCA Facebook page.

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I haven’t watched it in full either. I started watching it while eating breakfast before work and when Kevin showed the Full Conceal M3D I had to find the company that sold it. haha. Probably this weekend I’ll watch the video in full.
You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on the pistol @Dawn.


I did a bit of looking at reviews on YouTube and, even though it’s not really my cup of tea (I’m not really into Glock). It does look rather interesting and, it also appears that with enough practice it can be deployed rather quickly.

Something I would reay like to see put into production would be a rerelease or, updated version of the Burgess folding pump action 12ga.


I like the concept and after watching the video on the site I linked, the guy who demonstrated said that you could draw it, with enough practice, and unfold it all in the manner of time it’d take another person to just draw their firearm. So it sounds like it’s well thought out and built. I’m gonna save one and buy one. Definitely no later than when I’m 21.

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Hi @luke_ouellette,

Interesting gun however in my honest opinion, anything that you shoot bullets out of, should not fold in any way. Thanks for the share though. It was interesting.


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You have piqued my interest @NJStraightShooter. Why do you hold that opinion, if I may ask?

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Just from the idea and my own personal choices. I saw in that link that the grip is the piece that hinges and I would pray that while shooting the gun it would not accidentally unhinge. Maybe there are safeguards to keep that from happening, but personally that gun would not be my choice.

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I would think that there’d be safeguards but that’s definitely something to look into. I’ll have to see if there’s some sort of warranty. Thank you for bringing that up.
Test drawing it is one thing but then combine it with the recoil of actually shooting it is another. I’ll further look into this. Thankfully I’m not buying this anytime soon.


I saw these a couple years ago and I think they do serve a purpose (ie. Smaller foot print in a gun safe, under the pillow gun for or small night stand drawer) I would reserve this for an easily accessible home defense system. The thought being the time between the crash of glass or a door to deploy and get to a defensive position (possibly) allows the extra steps to ready the weapon. I would not advise anyone to carry this system as a primary or back up as a defensive shooting situation is almost always based on a reaction basis (meaning you are already behind the 8 ball and need it ready to go now). The reason I carry a backup is that my primary may fail (jam, catastrophic failure, ect.) And it is quicker to simply deploy a different weapon then to try and repair under stress. For that reason again I would want as few steps to deploy as possible for a carry weapon.

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According to the people who made it, you can deploy these in the same amount of time it’d take you to draw a regular handgun from its holster. So I don’t see all the fuss over it not doing well as a carry gun, but that’s just me.

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One more thing to consider is the price. For the cost of one of those you’re in the ballpark of getting a standard G19 and, a G43 for backup.


I wouldn’t take the manufacturer’s word for it but I would like to see it done in practice under stress reliably. If the average person can deploy it as fast as a normal firearm under stress, then I could see a lot of use for it in concealed carry less chance of printing and easily fits in a pocket.

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That’s a good point @Thad. I hadn’t thought much about that, at least when it comes to handguns. Though it did cross my mind that it costs about as much as some rifles. Especially those precision rifles.

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Look into an LCP2 or a P238. That’s my wish for a backup