Best Mini Guns to hide on body?

Hello Fellow Members,

Any preferences to a small easy to strap on a leg or hide on body gun that is light weight with cheaper common ammo? Any any website for leg/arm straps to carry a holster for it?



Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as cheap common ammo right now. Everything’s limited in availability, and 2-3x last year’s prices.

That said, Sig P365 and Springfield hellcat, are pretty much without peers in this class. They’re significantly smaller and lighter than anything with similar capacity. They’re both available in 9mm only. 9mm is normally a cheap common round. Right now the jacketed hollow point ammo may be a better buy than full metal jacket training ammo, since it’s only inflated like 50%, and not 200-300%. It’s also easier to find in stock.


I carry a North American Arms mini revolver, that holds 6 22lr rounds, in my pocket as a backup to my Sig 365 which is in a Sneaky Pete holster. If I go to area, such as a bar, that prohibits firearms that is still in my pocket and it is invisible to all. My wife is normally with me and I will protect her and me no matter what. When I go to a Federal building or a police station I don’t carry anything. So far no one has questioned me what is in my holster, they probably think it’s phone.


There’s a huge selection of pocket guns on the market. Most would recommend 380acp. That’s kinda hard to find right now. There are some 9mm pocket guns, 9mm isn’t hard to find right now, it’s just inflated.

Some people would carry 22 lr. 22 is rim fire , I personally would recommend sticking to center fire for reliability, that being said, some people will carry a 22 gun.

Pocket pistols or small revolvers can easily be carried on an ankle. Another option could be a belly band. If you choose to pocket carry, buy a pocket holster and designate one pocket to be for that gun.

I’ve heard of people ankle carrying a shield or g43, but I think they’ll be a little much. Those are really belt guns.

Pocket pistols, I’d look into the Rugar LCP or something like the Rugar LCR (ones an auto loader, the other is a revolver).

Here’s a fun video.


This is from another thread.

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THIS IS 2021


I own and carry every day my Sig P365. It is a 9mm and is a great gun to shoot and easily carry.

Another very similar option is the Springfield Hellcat. I don’t have any personal experience with it though. It is also a 9mm.

Good luck and have fun with it all!

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I read the title and was thinking the same thing lol


Several good options already presented.

A .22LR is an option, more for backup… but depends on attire and where you will be…
a .22 WMR (magnum) is also a viable option, both are easy to conceal and low on weight.

There are .380s that are small and weigh less than 13 oz, and hold 6 rds, and there are some revolvers that are not heavy and are good options.

Depends on what you are comfortable with, what your attire is and the event you are attending…


Good to know Oliver!
I did notice the hallo points were cheaper.
Do you recommend any manufacturer to order from at a best current price?
I hear a lot about the Sig P365. I’m looking into the Sig p938… but it comes down to getting your hangds on it and seeing what feels right.
I’m assuming your main and backup should both be the same- 9mm?
Thanks Oliver!

Thank you for the Sneaky Peeky brand Fred! I will have to look into that.
I thought about a mini revolver but questioned how flat it would lay in a belly band?
I admire your respect to protect your wife and the carrying laws in federal/state buildings :grinning:

Thanks Scoutbob!
I love the autoloaders! Are there 9mm universal autoloaders that are efficient with time underpressure?
Thanks for the info!

Love it! Thanks again! Can Can Concealment… every gal should have a pair!

Point well taken Scott! :grin:

Thanks Virgil!
Yes, the Sig P365 is quite popular now.
I have not yet researched the Springfield Hellcat! Sounds fun.
I love this sport. Skill enhancement, fresh air, comradery, endless learning, understanding history to gain insight into the future, exercising our 2nd amendment, being able to protect yourself and others. What other sport does this except for martial arts and weapon based training?
Definitely fun and great to feed the endless need of new information and betterment.

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Thanks for the feedback Kevin!
Do you find it best to have your main gun you carry have the same ammo as your backup?

Hollow points aren’t cheaper, they just haven’t increased in costs as much. It’s also still possible to find hollow point ammo at msrp if you get lucky.

The Sig p938, IMO is more of a jewelry gun. It’s very well built, and available in a large selection of finishedr. But it’s a very outdated design in terms of features and firepower. It requires a manual safety, and is hammer fired. While modern pistols trend toward striker fired, and no safety.

If you want a “main” and “backup”. Might be better to look at glocks. There’s a few rifles that can take glock magazine, so paired with a glock, they make a “perfect pair”. There’s also chassis available that can convert a glock19 to a PDW.


Roger that! It is quite addictive and a life-long pursuit. Enjoy it all!

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When you start looking at different guns certainly get the one you feel most comfortable with. the gun you pick can dictate which type of holster you go with. With my Sig 365 I made it a Sig 365xl, which means it has straight trigger and 12 round mag. I am able to grip it better {room for my little finger) and the straight trigger is more comfortable to shoot with. Do you carry a purse? You can just about carry any gun and they make ones just for guns. a draw back is when someone tries to snatch your purse.

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The Kahr PM9 is one of the smallest and most unappreciated guns in the market right now. Ultra-high quality and reliability in a tiny package that’s EASY to hide!

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