Chicago Claims Lax Gun Laws Make Atlanta Too Dangerous

I know let’s have it in Chicago that is a much safer City. moronic Democrats the more they open their mouths the more stupid stuff comes out.


Chicago claims “lax” gun laws make Atlanta too dangerous…
I could be off the mark, but it would make sense then,
that Florida is the safest place in the United States because of extremely tight gun laws in Chicago?


Chicago Claims Lax Gun Laws

Took me a minute to realize this wasn’t about the Los Angeles airport…


Seems to me there is a story about a pot and a black kettle.


Kind of a sweeping generalization, isn’t it? I know Democrats who aren’t particularly moronic.


You’ve met one? Well doggie, I ain’t see one of them since the flood of 4,000BC.


Name three!



Chicago has the STRICEST GUN LAWS IN THE COUNTRY. AND A MURDER RATE THAT IS ALSO AMONG THE HIGHEST IN THE COUNTRY AS WELL. And I keep seeing reports of anywhere from 10 to 50 people being shot or killed every week in Chicago. And a lot of them are children too.


I know one too Leo :woozy_face:


I used to know some, in the old days there were some liberals you could talk to. It’s sad that their such lemmings these days. I always wondered if lemmings could turn on their leader…


As though Chicago is the Paragon of Virtue…smh. Who writes this stuff!!!

Ohhhhh… Now I get it! They’re scared of citizens being legal in their Open or Concealed Carry! They haven’t mapped out the southern traditions of gentility and hospitality while carrying a gun! Too many people being legally strapped is a concern! Because their rights are constitutional, and their permits are legit and not written on the back of a business card given to some gangster (signed by some politician) whose got dirt on the powers that be.

Are they intimidated by people exercising their rights to keep and bear arms and express them through constitutional Open Carry, and/or with concealed carry permits? NOT YOUR GUN FREE ZONE… podnah! ER’Y BODY GOT A GUN, LOCKED AND LOADED, “GIT DOWN WRONG AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS…” That’s too much for their psyche to handle? HAHA… “Don’t be scurred. C’mon down, the waters’ warm, jump on in!” LOL. This is funny. If anything, they should feel SAFER!

But, on the other hand, if you don’t feel safer, then stay at home where “laws only” make you feel warm and fuzzy!

What a delusion
What a misunderstanding, smh.


For 30 years liberals have been hearing Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and a whole list of conservative media personalities call them evil, say the hate America, and want to destroy the country. It’s no surprise that at this point they’re not real interested in hearing what anyone on this side has to say.


Chicago is dealing with a horrific level of gun related violence and death. It’s not city wide lawlessness, but violence that is isolated in a few specific areas. Gang shootouts, drug deals, etc., the result of decades, or even centuries, of social, economic, and political factors. Chicago’s gun policies are a desperate attempt to stem some of this violence. The theory of an armed society is a polite society falls apart here because so many of the people in these areas are already armed. The efforts to restrict guns is largely ineffective because the guns being used to commit much of the violence are coming from surrounding areas with less restrictions. It’s akin to trying to shovel a hole in water.


So it is all someone else’s fault. Got it. The criminal pulling the trigger bears no responsibility, as they are a victim of a myriad of ready made excuses. Excuses that are invariably caused by conservatives according to the left.

Wow. I sure do wish I could blame someone else for all of my mistakes and sins. Actually no, I would not do it if I could. It would be both incorrect and morally bankrupt. People of good character have to take responsibility for their own behavior.

The leftist knows nothing of this. Even if they did, there is no money or power in it to be gained.


Yep, that’s it right there. :us:


I did not say, suggest or imply anything of the sort. Chicago crime


Maybe I am off on this quote. Usually when I read such a statement, the factors are blamed on conservatives or other groups.

This one is a direct shot at states that trust their citizens with the guns they want and trust them not to become violent criminals. It also seems to be blaming the gun, not the violent, felonious criminal.

My guns have never hurt anyone. Stop blaming inanimate objects for the actions of a violent criminal.

I give up. This country is beyond screwed. I’m done talking about it.


This is EXACTLY why we teach responsible gun ownership. Perhaps it will arouse the conscience and change minds as well. I mean, shoveling a whole in water…can you say, “gun buyback!” Notice that the buybacks are akin to winning the lotto from scratch-offs that are usually purchased from the corner store! They just keep happening!


I never said, suggested or implied that the gun was to blame, nor did I say that states with fewer restrictions were wrong. And I never suggested that Chicago’s imperfect attempts to mitigate violence were not placing onerous burdens on lawful gun owners. I am saying that Chicago’s violence problem is complex and deep rooted, and defies simple solutions. Please stop reading into my post things I did not say.