Ranking Gun Violence


So what is the plan to take out Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis and Los Angeles? I really don’t think it is because of the strict gun laws. I think it is because there are not enough people responsibly armed. I don’t think the law prohibits that.


Crime rates are rising and the murders are being
Posted on the NEWS Nation. First Responders and Police Officers are dying by gun shot. All these deaths are not committed by innocent people that carry their firearms. There were children present in this shooting
but are safe.

Gun banning must be outlawed and like Israel, get a
gun to protect yourself and family. This request
was made at the very beginning or their war.

Mexico and Russia have lost their minds.

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It should also be noted that, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the government handed out full-auto weapons to anyone who’d accept one, take a quick “how to operate it” course and head to the front to fight. America is just taking the government out of the equation as much as possible. Americans are of the opinion that we’ll bring our own weapons to the fight, whether the enemy is identified as "foreign or domestic. Sadly, that distinction is becoming blurred with each passing day…


Israel has a moral compass. People need morals and know how to save lives before they can do any good with a gun. These cities have plenty of guns. They need people that want to save lives. Teaching people that guns are for saving lives at least keep them from murdering. I wish I knew how to plant the seed.


Well said and the best. I do understand.


More respect for all human life! Less worship for self!! More love for God!!! But you can’t fix stupid!!!


America needs enforced crime laws that keeps criminals (repeat offenders), rapists, robbers, murders locked up, and off the streets, and in some cases bring back the death penalty for the most serious crimes. Get rid of soft on crime laws.


God, give us the violence we need to stop this violence.

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Actually, in those areas it really does!

Look at those laws for yourself and tell me again that responsible gun owners aren’t restricted?

Keep in mind, a criminal KNOWS they are breaking the laws, THEY DONT CARE!

A responsible gun owner will obey those restrictive laws,… and may as well not have a gun at all when a criminal decides to use his/her (gotta keep this gender neutral) gun to kill them!

I haven’t decided if you are personally ignorant or just playing devils advocate with your posts……

Some make sense, others,… not so much.


I’m gonna catch hell for this……

But this might be the disconnect!

Religion is one thing, making it a governing law is another!

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I think we are on the right track. Religion does work if it is not God’s will. Politics/governing laws do not work if it is not the people’s will. It is our will and we will fight for it. We will become stronger and we will conquer evil.




If it’s NOT gods will,… it works?

Copy that…. I guess?

Seemes to be working.


In your case it is not about god it’s about Will
What kind of bullpups are in your avatar?

You’re absolutely correct, it is about the will of the people to correct the wrongs of both the government and society!

God, as it were, should play no part in it!

We are a free people, and can celebrate free religion!

I do believe that was part of the constitution? Was it not?


IWI Tavor SAR (tan 5.56) with Eotech EXPS3-2 holographic and 3x magnifier.

IWI Tavor 7 (black 7.62 NATO) with a Burris 4x prismatic

Definitely swapping the optic on the 7, 4x simply isn’t enough to stretch that round out!


Yes you are absolutely :100: correct. That is what we are fighting for. Did someone try to take that constitutional right from you?


Not as of yet.

And I do not subscribe to any of the abrihamic religions…

So, at the moment we are all good for me personally.

I see an immense amount of infighting amongst y’all though….

And that $#!+ worries me.


I am into IWI. I have the Masada, Zion 15 pistol and the Galil Ace both in 5.56 I was thinking about the Tavor but don’t think I can get into the manual of arms.