BLM-Antifa Rioters / Armed Restaurant Diner

What I would do is finish my meal and act like they don’t exist. They want a reaction… that’s the whole reason they are there. Why give someone the pleasure of getting you to lose your temper, and then whipping out a phone to video you looking like a jack*#@? Then the world only sees one side of a situation, and in the case of something like this, this person looks like the criminal. Where is video of the beginning of this confrontation? Oh, wait…there isn’t one because the only side the protesters wanted seen is recorded…


If you can’t ignore them, get out your camera when they show up and fight fire with fire.


Hence the follow-up. If you’re truly back against the wall, eff the optics and do what you need to get yourself and your loved ones out of the situation.

From the video, i see at least one agitator with a drawn firearm, but he keeps it at his side and pointed at the ground.

As more of these incidents occur, i think it is important to both keep a cool head about the situation and also get as many people filming it as well to dispute any potentially edited videos the other side might release.


I’m all about avoiding bad situations. I have no desire to use my firearm…if it never leaves the holster, I’m perfectly happy with that, and have achieved my goal of avoiding bad situations. However, if there’s ever a situation in which avoidance is impossible, I will fight to the death to keep my family safe. That person may kill me as I defend my family, but I’ll be damned if he and I ain’t going to hell together.

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LOL, oh, yes, that was the solution. Every encounter with Antifa, should have been met with the ones being assaulted just walking off, I am quite sure that would have worked. LOL

Triggered? Not at all. I just write the truth and provide fact-based, rational arguments. Many of my posts include links to the sources of information that I provide, such as the ATF, FBI, etc.

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LOL, yes, believe what you want, as reality is hard for some people.

I read most threads on this site. I don’t personally attack anyone, nor do I troll anyone. If you do not like my responses, that is your issue. I don’t even know the other party you are referencing, however, he does make a valid, logical argument in rebuttal to your posts.

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People keep talking about not seeing any evidence “from the video,” but the video was from the protestors’ perspective. How can anyone judge the perceived threat to the patron without seeing it from his perspective?

As far as the agitators carrying firearms, there’s a lot to say on that topic. First rule, if you’re going somewhere you think you’re going to need your gun, don’t go there, at least not if you have any choice.

Moreover, a person can’t legally claim self-defense unless they’re an innocent party. Bringing bullhorns and getting in the face of diners doesn’t leave much room for claiming that status.

Lastly, isn’t the open carry of firearms at a rally something the left always claims is intentionally threatening? So by the left’s own standards, they were intending to threaten.

Reading additional news articles this morning, I see 3-5 agitators arrested. The restaurant patron apparently was not. Maybe that’ll change, but initially at least, it’s clear the police didn’t think he was brandishing.


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