Best Gun You've Ever Rented?

A lot of ranges offer firearms to rent. It’s a great way to learn which guns you like and which are not a fit for you.

How many firearms have you rented?

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Which was your favorite gun that you’ve rented? Which guns do you still want to rent?

Only rented one, a Colt 1911. I liked the trigger and how well it shot. The recoil is much heavier than a 9mm, but it is slower and goes straight back into your arm, making recoil management easier. What I do not like about 1911s are all the safeties on them. I tried it out because a person I know is an ardent 1911 fan. I prefer DA/SA and shooting that convinced me to buy the PX4 in .45ACP that I had been considering - my favorite so far.

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Loved the 44magnum model 29. I would like to find a place to rent a Desert Eagle in 50AE. Just for the giggles.

Best ever rented:

Wilson Combat EDCx9
STI Combat Master
Staccato P

I’d say my favorite I’ve rented would be the FNX 45 Tactical.

Haven’t rented, but have “borrowed” several. I want to rent a 500 magnum X-frame, and a full auto Tommy Gun. Both for fun.

I’ve only rented one gun, a Springfield Range Officer in 9mm, it led to a Springfield EMP4 in 9mm procurement. I was sold on buying a Sig Sauer C3 in 45ACP, but my RO pointed out I enjoyed shooting and should consider the cost of 9mm vs. 45 on a yearly basis. This was prior to current BS when 9mm was actually more economical than 45. Actual 50 rounds with the rental:

Edit: I was used to a “combat” sight picture at that time, so the “6 o’clock” sight picture was new to me.


Ruger Mark III

On Wednesdays the range I go to have a free day to use the rental guns. You have to use the ammo they supply- purchase but, you can try any number of guns. I tried the SIG P365XL as well as others but, I bought the XL because I really liked it. I also tried a variety of .45s trying them all out so I could see which one I liked the most then I bought it. I also tried that 50 caliber hand gun. I had fun shooting it but, I will hold off of buying it. My next trip will be 44 magnums. The cool part is,… I do not have to clean them after I go shoot them!


Hmmm never rented firearms, bourbon or cigars. Bought them some are on the back shelf perhaps someday for someone else.

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Sig p365, M&P Shield 2 and Glock 43x for comparison. Sig was too small for my hands, shield and 43x were both a good fit. Ended up with 43x as the groupings were consistently smaller for me.

My favorite gun I ever rented was a S&W 617. Those rental experiences are why I now have one in my safe.


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I only rented one for my first ever trip to the range and shoot a handgun (previously shot M-16s only).
It was a G19 and I wouldn’t put it inside my Top 3.

Rented? What is that?

To buy or not to buy…


… that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The risk of purchase and spending of outrageous fortune
Or to rent a pistol to feel it and enjoy or not
And by testing it, end the doubts.



Lol, I get enough hands on experience in the store that I can predict its function at the range…

Besides, if for some reason I don’t like the feel after purchase, I can still use it to train other people.

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Never rented a gun ever.

Sig P365, Glock 43, and Glock 48. I liked the 48 much better than the 43 but ended up buying a Sig P365XL, which was better than all of the rentals.


I have never rented . But may in the future to check out new items

be careful with renting… it may end up with losing some money… :sunglasses:
One of my rentings cost me $2K :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
(BTW… I love my Staccato)