Best Gun You've Ever Rented?

Hey Jerzy, I was thinking about something like a Barrett. I would be something that I couldn’t afford to buy. More or less get the experience. Man , I could imagine the rental $ on that with the cost of just one 50BMG round. Of course i would want to shoot it more than once LOL

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:scream: wow… it is not my caliber… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah rent. Because I def can’t afford to own one lol

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Glock Model 45. Best Glock I’ve ever had and I have four others.

Best gun I ever rented?

Full auto Tommy Gun in none other than .45 ACP. It’s like the video game and the legend, so easy to control you could write your name with it.

Most disappointing gun I ever rented?

Glock 18 it’s also like the video game, brrrp straight up goes the muzzle


Dear Gary_H,

Great accuracy. What distance is that brother? — Burdo

Never rented a gun. Never been to a place where rental was possible. Never even heard of gun rental until I joined this forum.

Thanks @Burdo, that was a few years ago, and my memory isn’t what it used to be, but it was probably a combination of 5, 7, and 10 yards. I am also pretty sure I “cheated” by closing one eye to test the gun more so than myself :wink:

It’s interesting how quickly gun manufacturers cancel production on slower moving product - neither the EMP4 I bought, nor the Sig C3 are in production any more :upside_down_face:

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Best rental EVERRR, MP5 SD at battlefield vegas with my Dad on vacation.

That’s crazy to me. What is your state?

I can’t think of an indoor range/gun shop I have been to that did not rent guns, and half of them rent full auto

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Even in hostile California, you can rent a gun.
First time I fired a handgun was a rented G19.
It started a non-love affair with Glock.
Nine years later and I still don’t own one.
That was my first and last rental.

Rented a Taurus .454 Raging Bull. The price to rent was $2 per round in 1998. Fired 6 Shots and bulls eyed the first one at 25 yards, Nearly bulls eyed the second, each shot got worse, however all covered a 4 inch circle. Developed the worst case of the flinches I have ever had. Took 600 rounds of .380 in a Walther PPK to get rid of the flinches (I thought that it had a pretty sharp recoil.) That ended any ideas of buying anything larger than 45 ACP, 45 Long Colt, .357 or 44 magnum. Learned a lot about what I enjoy shooting.

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Oops, forgot 2nd part of that, I’d like to rent a P90 (Full Auto) or Full Auto Kriss Vector…

I have never rented a gun, I won’t even go to a Scheels where I could because they won’t allow you to carry in their stores where they want to sell you guns??? :upside_down_face:


Suppressed .45ACP Kris Vector.


The heck with that, Hawaii lets people from other countries rent guns. But try to own one as a resident citizen…good luckg


Western Kentucky. We have very few “Gun Stores” Here. What we do have is department type stores that also sell guns, like Rural King, Dunham Sports, and a couple others. None of them have attached ranges. We have had a few stand-alone gun stores come and go, but none of them had a firing range. Twenty-some years ago a gun store did open up with an attached 5 bay range. I went in one time, saw that the range cast $20 for the first 1/2 hour and $15 for each additional 1/2 hour, so I turned around and left.

Although it’s a thing of the past now, for a long time if you wanted to shoot you went out to a stripper cut (an abandoned strip mine) and set up your targets or just shot at the furniture and appliances dumped there. Or you went to “mom-n-'em’s” farm and shot out in the fields. These days the stripper cuts are all fenced off and designated as “wildlife sanctuaries” so that the owners don’t have to do any actual reclamation.

I just joined an outdoor range that is affiliated with a gun store (Whittaker’s Guns) but the range is 4-1/2 miles from the store, so no rentals. The range is members only during the week but open to the public on weekends ($10 to shoot all day). On the weekend there is an attendant to run the place but during the week you’re on your own.

If I want more than this, it’s at least a two or three hour drive to the nearest 'Full service" stores.

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I don’t know why but this Californian feels good right now :blush:

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Obviously because you never before considered that such a paradise as Kentucky ever existed?


What I meant was, in terms of freedom or lack thereof, CA in this rare occasion, is better.

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