Rental Guns?


The Range where I shoot has a desert eagle (not a huge fan of that one, way over exposed in my opinion) to rent, they also have an STI- I may have to try that one. Or a Roberts Defense… or the Sig with the suppressor.

What’s the most awesome gun you can rent at your local range?

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Never rented a gun, I instead research a gun and then buy it. Final decision before buying is running it past the owner of my favorite gun store. If he has a concern, then I reconsider.

I’ve bought solely off his recommendations and never been disappointed.

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Totally the opposite here… I rent before I buy. Dont know if I’m going to love it until I shoot it. When I was in palm springs, I rented every handgun the local range had before I decided on what to buy. Got the glock 21 .45 and i still love it


Same here, I’ve rented or tried out hands on before purchasing. If I would have bought by recommendation I would have been feeling stuck. Nothing against what the 4 out of 5 dentists recommend.


I can’t buy them, but my local range rents out some full auto firearms such as M16s, AK47s, MP5s, and so on. For pure fun factor, those are the coolest rentals available locally for me.


Here is a range thats approximately 45 miles from me.


When are we going, @MilVet?? :wink:


whenever you are available.


Wait… < double take > Grenade Launcher ?!?
DUDE! When are we going?

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Whenever you are available


Ok, 5.5 hrs from home… gonna have to work on a plan.


Only one shot of the Vulcan, but the has M163 has 6 barrels!

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