Belts and Holsters

Just wondering what is your current carry set-up? Belt? Holster? IWB? OWB?

My brother-in-law makes holsters, so I’m currently sporting a handmade IWB -


Well, this is what it actually looks like -


I’d send you a picture, but it wouldn’t do any good because it’s concealed.


It’s winter… so I’m enjoying OWB 9 o’clock. Damn… should I say the other 3 o’clock? :thinking:

I wish I could carry like her :pensive:
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Belt: Kore Essentials
Holster: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster – Wing Claw 2.0 or Tier 1 Concealed Axis Elite

I took a long look at the Kore, but ended up going with Mozeto for a third of the price. I’ll see if it holds up, if not, I’ll go with the Kore. They’re nice belts.

Kore (I think) was the original racheting belt design. I do believe there are others who followed, some just as good, some worse, some better. There are definitely other options :+1:

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Your opinion on Kore Belts? Got 2 inbound …

At least give Kore a try. It is an awesome belt.
Leather gun belt is sturdy enough to handle firearm and mag pouch. The nylon version is even better. It can hold everything you’ve got at house :grin:

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Got 1 of each on the way.

IWB Clinger Holster :crab:

You won’t be disappointed.
Like @Harvey mentioned - Kore started “ratcheting design” and it’s the best on the market.
Be careful with leather version, be gentle with it. I didn’t know and was using it very harshly. After few months the outer layer started peeling off in buckle area.

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I also have a leather and nylon and use whichever works better with whatever I’m wearing. They have been outstanding for me.

They are stiff in that they do not sag, at all. The heaviest I carry with it is a G19 & 17rnd spare in a sidecar AIWB. But they are not so stiff that it feels like you are wearing a steel ring. So it flexes appropriately outward, but pretty much nil vertically, if that makes sense.

The racheting design is fantastic. If you eat a little too much for lunch just let it out a notch or four :wink: Easy to get in/out if you need a potty break and need to disassemble.

The only minor quibble, is the belt is stiff enough, you need the belt-keeper (little velcro strap) to keep your leftover belt from poking outward (you’ll see what I mean when you get yours). The keeper keeps the extra tucked in nicely.

If you wear appendix, the buckle is pretty large so you may have to offset it (this actually helps with concealment usually), and you may have to offset a lot if you wear a sidecar appendix. This is the same as any other belt with buckle carrying AIWB, but figured I’d mention anyway.

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:slightly_frowning_face: Not what i wanted to hear as far as the leather goes. But thanks for the heads up. :+1: :+1:

I haven’t seen that (yet), but nylon version get the majority of use (I am always in jeans/shorts :smiley: ). Where is it rubbing? the belt part that is holding the buckle or the belt that goes through the buckle?

I read that was a problem also. Ordered 50 “Belt Keepers” from Amazon. $8 …I think???

I think I treated the leather version too hard. The time I bought it I was opposed to nylon one, because I didn’t think it would fit my outfit. I’ve been using this everyday for my work, Range, training, classes… it met every weather conditions (was wet few times during classes).
So my guess is that I’ve not used it properly…

Now, after lesson has been learnt - I use leather belt whenever I wear “casual business” outfit, and nylon belt any other moments.

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I wouldn’t call it “problem” :wink:
Kore belt is gonna be shipped size 50 (if I remember correctly), and you cut it exactly for your needs. So actually you can have end of the belt kept by pants loop if you cut it right.

Nylon belt comes with one velcro strap that can be used as belt-keeper.

@Randy50 I agree with Jerzy here. It’s not a “problem” just a very minor annoyance (and even “annoyance” is too strong of a word… it’s extremely minor). I like to keep a few extra inches past the buckle. The keeper helps keep that extra belt flat against your body if it doesn’t happen to line up with a pants loop. I seem to recall each belt came with one keeper, but I may be wrong. The ones on amazon should be fine as well, its not rocket science just a little bit of velcro.

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