BBC: "America's Gun Culture in 10 Charts"

Statistics are great and 100% accurate 100% of the time!

That statement shows how easily statistics can be manipulated to fit an agenda. Checking out how other countries view guns in the US is always fascinating. This post from the BBC doesn’t begin to actual discuss true gun culture in the US if you ask me.

What is your definition of gun culture in the US?


I dont think I’ve ever seen any of those stats without suicides included.


One thing I noticed with the stats about suicide deaths in Australia after their gun laws went into affect, the number of suicides didn’t really decrease. Suicide by gun did, but by other methods went up. (You can see that conversation here: Do Australia's Gun Laws Reduce Deaths?)

The BBC article doesn’t include statistics about how often guns are used for self-defense. Or how the homicide breaks down - how many are self-defense, how many are by already established criminals that illegally own firearms, how many are hunting-related accidents?

There’s more to the story than high-level statistics show.


Exactly. When they say gun violence, I read that as being the victim of someone else. Suicide my gun, which is terrible, dont take this the wrong way, but you are the victim of yourself. I think suicides should not be in those statistics that they use to fear monger.


I’ve found that most of these reports are done by the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS and don’t show the real stats. And any report or poll can be made to prove the point of the ones doing them. And that is done by a number of ways. 1) the questions asked. 2) how the questions are worded. and 3) the type of people asked. And all of these are done to fit their agenda either way. It all comes down to what they agenda they’re trying to reach. And yes most of these studies don’t ever show guns being used in self defense.

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Here is a interesting article that I got on Linkedin. And it talks about how many time a gun is used in self defense. and it even gives some cases where the victim was armed and it saved their life or others. Here is the link to the article.

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I would like to add that the manipulation influences the ignorant. For example, when I as a Black American male produce annual data as far back as 1996 of murders based on the race (shooter and victim) to ignorant Americans regardless of race, they are shocked to discover that Black Americans (13% of the US population) murder more White Americans, than White American murder Blacks. To be clear, Blacks murder between 600-700 Whites, to White murdering 300-400 Blacks annual. Which destroys the BLM narrative of there being open season on Blacks murdered by racist Whites. However, I’m not suggesting that racism doesn’t exist.

The best way to counter the lies of the BBC and alike, is for organization such as the USCCA to send a letter challenging their data.


Way to many people rely on statistics without knowing anything about how they were put together. Numbers are gathered and depending on how you present the information they can prove or disprove the same argument.

If you hold up your hands and count the fingers (including the thumbs) most people will tell you there are 10. I can show you (using simple math) the actual number is 11. (No I do not work in corporate finance but using this logic I could.)

If we ever meet in real life ask me about this and I will show you how it is done.

And, on a chalkboard, I can show you how 7 payments of $13 each = $28.

Bear in mind that Britain is the country considering permits and registration of kitchen knives. Of course they’re scared of guns. There is an ingrained serf mentality there and in much of Europe which makes it easier for the elite to hobble the general population.

I read an article this week about how gun ownership has increased a great deal in Britain, mostly due to younger people getting into trap shooting and sporting clays.

Remember, a hundred years ago they ruled a quarter of the planet; now they live on an island the size of Michigan.


according to investigative magazine Mother Jones.” LOL!!! Now on a more serious note, that article states that each American only owns 1.25 guns… those are rookie numbers people we got to get those numbers up.

We don’t have a “gun culture” in the US, if we did we’d have far less violent crime.

Europeans seem to get their vision of our “gun culture” from Hollywood and sensationalized news stories.

How many stories in foreign media do you see about the fact that since CC began it’s big spread in the US our violent crime rate has been cut by about 65% to the lowest levels seen since the 1960’s?

Guns make suicide quicker, cleaner, and easier but Japan’s suicide rate is 7x that of the US in spite of near zero civilian gun ownership due to their insanely restrictive laws.

If someone is intent on committing suicide the lack of a firearm will not stop them.


Brits are scared of each other, particularly as more and more refugees and immigrants from the ME and Africa flood into the country.

Give it a few years and they’ll be requiring everyone to register their broomsticks, hands, and feet.


And adding even more surveillance cameras. I recently learned that 25% of all the public surveillance cameras in the world are in the city of London. You know, so they can have video of you not being able to defend yourself.