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Calling for scientific studies. Which if were truly scientific and not agenda driven could be useful.

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I could see a path for a dialogue using the CDC and the rigorous process of peer reviewed publishing to a logical dialogue.

But I don’t see a logical dialogue helping. At this point the sheep are riled up and Baaaaaaaing all over.

Trust me something stupid this way comes.


A big part of the problem is the lack of critical thinking skills of the natural born followers.
I work with community college students every day and it doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the future. M

They are still quoting the same tripe.

40,000 gun deaths in 2017
60% were suicides 40,000 x.6=24,000
13% of suicides were ATTEMPTED with a gun
90% of attempted suicides with a gun were “successful” (13 X.9= 11.7%) 11.7% = 24,000 (24,000 * 98.3 = 2,359,200 suicide attempts)
That leaves us still with 16,000 deaths with a gun, take out accidents, defensive shootings, shootings by LEO etc and you are left with about 8700 murders.

There are 329 Million people in the US. 8700 / 329,000,000 = 0.00002644377

So we have to move some decimal point to make it make sense
Out of every 10,000 people 2.6 get murdered, or 26.4 per 100,000 PER YEAR.

If you look at Chicago ~25 get shot and 5 - 7 get killed EVERY WEEK (it may be WEEKEND) with a static population.

Now lets look at Doctors who kill 300,000 pt’s per year…

The problem when you have research that is being paid for and sanctioned by those with a specific goal is that the research “synopsis” is jaded in such a way to present the desired outcome. Anyone of those statistical geniuses could have presented the facts as cold hard data. Instead they present the “Truth over the Fact’s” as they see it.