Hard Stats and Common Sense From Colin Noir

I’ve been a fan of and had great respect for Colin since first hearing him.

In this video he breaks down the numbers on what is reported vs what is actual with respect to how many people are murdered in the US each year with firearms.

The anti gun left keeps trying to convince people we have 38,000 murders annually by repeating the “38,000 Gun Deaths” or “38,000 Gun Related Deaths”.

In truth a small fraction of these deaths are murders and only a tiny fraction due to accidents/negligent discharges.


@WildRose, thanks for posting this video.


@WildRose. Thanks for posting and sharing. I am a follower and respect Noir as well. We need more individuals to continue to “press” this issue with the inflation of statistics. Particularly as it relates to gun related shootings and homicides. Until we (2A supports, politicians, etc.) establish a strong rebuttal, misinformation will continue to published. At this point, the NRA is not the right group to do this. NO ONE trust this organization right now. This is why I think Colin has such a strong following.

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I hate to admit it but we absolutely need younger more engergetic folks that an identify with young people and speak to them on their own level like Noir.

Some of us have years more experience and training but none of that is worth anything if the young people aren’t looking to us.

This guy has been having a great effect now for several years and his following is growing daily.

Dana Loesch is another of my favorites.


I seriously love him. Smart, passionate, clear, precise and just boiling over with common sense.


@Zee @WildRose. I agree and thanks for reply. I am not sure if USCCA has a database, library or anything to provide advocates with current statistics or data on on demand. Similar to the reciprocity map. Instead, the ‘tool’ map out the number of shooting homicides by gang-related activity, accidental, mass shooting, etc. I think something like this will serve out community well. I understand that the FBI has their information, but this will include the number of ccw and firearm related incidence that prevented home invasion, robberies, rape and or potential mass shooting.


@Leonard I think that’s a great idea. @dawn?

We don’t have that at this point, @Leonard, but I think it’s an interesting idea… I’ll bring It up to the team who would handle that type of info.

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Guncite and truthaboutguns are the two best sources I know of in general, the FBI crime stats is the other place I go frequently.


So this topic got me looking at the data for Murder Rates. I found several interesting tidbits by using what I consider to be non-motivated sources such a Zillow (real estate guides give a pretty clear look into an area’s demographics) as well as the FBI and CDC as clearing house of information

The percentage of murders vs the total US population given 327 million population and 8863 murders is 271-7th percent or 0.0000000271% (8863 / 327,000,000)%

The top 30 highest murder cities per 1,000 people were listed here

I found it interesting that of those 30 cities/towns that only one Mayor was Republican (Fairbanks, AK) and most have had long histories of Democrat Political leadership.
The population demographic of most these cities is below the national average for income.
The racial component is over or near 50% black / 50% white which is disparate for the national racial populations.

The FBI states that their murder rates by firearm type were


7082 handgun
3096 unstated firearm
403 rifle
264 shotgun
187 other firearm

Suicide made up 74% of firearm fatalities (can’t find the link, it had nice pie charts)
Suicide by firearm was only 6% of the total number of attempted suicides but was responsible for 54% of the “successful” attempts.

There were a bunch of other things I stumbled across in the reporting but those stand out.



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@Craig6. Great information and well documented. This of information in the “right hands” can go a long way towards minimizing the fake news associated with handgun fatalities and the common sense gun laws these politicians are proposing.


I have been watching him for a few years now and I also have great respect for Colin since I first heard him. He is a great spokesman for 2A. I like when he speaks with the news media. Colin is still making videos but I hope some sponsor steps up or NRA TV comes back and picks him up…Hey! Maybe the USCCA can welcome him and speak with Colin on a Live Steam or In the Fray or Tactical Tuesday?


@dawn… can we draft Colion Noir for our team? Pretty please? :heart_eyes:


I can’t remember the exact percentage but somewhere between 90-95 “suicide attempts” are nothing but cries for help and attention, they really have no intent to kill themselves.

It’s when those repeated “suicidal gestures” which they really are don’t get them the attention and help they want that they actually get serious about it.

It should also be noted that Japan which has the highest suicide rate (7x higher than the US) in the developed world has the lowest use of firearms in suicides to the presence of a firearm cannot be shown to actually increase suicides.

If someone is serious about suicide you’re not going to stop them by removing their firearms.

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Exactly. We need an army of similar people doing the same on a daily basis, put the truth out there in a credible way and in a way that truly relates to young people as they are our hope and our future.

They are bombarded daily with false, and negative anti gun propaganda and as the old saying goes, “A lie repeated often enough and forcefully enough becomes the truth”; at least by perception.

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He inspired me and continues to do so. When I first got into firearms and the culture his videos really opened my eyes. Got my non-res permits for AZ and UT while I was in CA & now moved to Dallas,TX. Waiting on my LTC to be approved now. His perspective is fresh and natural plus he’s easy to relate to.


That’s a lot of what I love about him. He just exudes no-BS common sense.